LUO YAN turned to the red dragon whose eyes were now starting to get clearer.  Yeah, torture would be good.  "Brother Ji Yun, do you still have that SSR item that could seal a Legendary race and turned them into their miniature form?"

He just remembered that the other had that kind of item.  If they could turn this dragon into the miniature version of himself, then the next part would be much easier.  Although it might take some while since this bastard would surely not tell him everything he wanted to know that easily.  A little force would definitely be needed. 

Not that he's afraid to face this red dragon head on.  He just didn't want to wreak havoc on this island.  Besides, wouldn't it be more fun this way?  If the dragon was turned to his miniature form and had his abilities sealed, it would be easier to break him.  And thus, Luo Yan would get his answers much faster.

"I still have it," Shen Ji Yun answered, taking out a seal stamp.

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