LUO YAN was pleasantly surprised to see Shen Ji Yun suddenly appearing here at the airport.  He actually wanted to meet up with him before they went back to S City.  Not only to say goodbye personally, but also mainly to apologize for how he acted yesterday.  Considering the way Shen Ji Yun acted after Luo Yan did those things, he was probably offended.  That was the normal reaction.

No matter how pretty Luo Yan was, he was still a guy.  And doing those – hugging and biting – to another guy was certainly not considered normal.  There's a high chance that he would be thought of as a pervert or something.  Although Shen Ji Yun treated him very well, there must be a limit to it.  Knowing just how anti-social he was, he would definitely dislike when someone suddenly did that to him.  Especially if that someone was a person he had only known for two months.


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