DUAN YU browsed on his phone and chuckled when he saw the top post on the game forum of Arcadia. It seemed that these two from team Yunyue were still in the habit of spreading dog food.

He clicked some of the photos and faced the screen of his phone to the person sitting in front of him. "Look, Ah Hui. Why don't you take notes from the captain of Yunyue and also take Ah Min on a date? Maybe you'd finally have a headway on your feelings."

The tall young man with a slightly buff body just glanced at the phone and then took back his gaze as if he didn't see anything. He had a buzz cut and deep-set eyes. It seemed like his expression was always on a perpetual frown. Making him looked like some stern old man. 

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Seeing that he was ignored, Duan Yu just shrugged and picked up the tea he was drinking. 

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