SHEN JI YUN was confused at first.  He wondered why his uncle suddenly wanted to tell a story when they were in the middle of an important conversation.  And then he realized that his uncle said 'my story' instead of a simple 'story'.  That meant that he was going to tell him his experience.  And this experience might affect his decision in pursuing Luo Yan.

"Is Uncle going to tell me your… love story?" he tentatively asked, because that's the only kind of 'experience' relevant to their current topic of conversation.

Shen Yi Mu looked at his nephew who seemed very reluctant to hear about his uncle's love life.  If he was in his shoes, he might also feel the same.  It's awkward talking about his experience on love with Ji Yun.  But what could he do?  This was the only way he could show Ji Yun the reality of what it meant to fall in love with someone of the same gender.


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