AFTER breakfast, Luo Ren did log into the game and started his Arcadia journey.  To Luo Yan's surprise, just after 30 minutes, his older brother logged out and told them that he had already finished his beginner's task and was already out of the Origin Village.  That was even faster than Luo Jin back when the other first started.

At that time when their older brother first logged out, he and Luo Jin hadn't entered the game yet.  They decided to do so after eating early lunch.  Because they had to meet up with their team mates and then after that, they had to go to Safehaven Harbor.  Considering how they needed to fight at the prelims, which they weren't sure how long would last, it wouldn't be good if they entered the game a bit too early.  Especially since the suggested time for a player to remain online was about six hours. 

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