SHEN JI YUN was suddenly filled with gloom.  He went on a date two months ago?  With who?  School hadn't started yet back then.  So, who did he go with?  An image of some unknown girl with no face walking with Luo Yan suddenly appeared in his mind.  Just imagining that made him feel even gloomier.

Luo Yan was about to enter the castle area when he noticed that Shen Ji Yun had stopped walking.  He turned around and saw the other just standing there with a dark expression on his face.  He was confused at first.  It took a few seconds before realization kicked in. 

He remembered their last conversation.  Shen Ji Yun asked when was the last time he went to an amusement park.  And he answered that it was two months ago and it was a date.  So, the other's dark expression right now was most probably because he was overthinking things again.


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