"WHY did Brother suddenly thought of buying a VR helmet?" Luo Yan asked with a smile, trying to sound as normal as possible.  "Did Brother also want to play the game?"

"Well, remember that our Tianhua Group is planning to invest on the new project of Moonlight Media?  Since I'm the one in charge of that investment, I decided to understand Moonlight Media first.  The fastest way to do that is, of course, try the holographic game that had been carrying their company," Luo Ren explained.

Luo Yan suddenly didn't know how to response.  He was actually thinking of dissuading his older brother to play the game.  After all, if Luo Ren found out how violent the game was, he might be against him playing it.  Not to mention, if their father found out about it, he would definitely have the same reaction.

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