BAI ZE quickly stepped in between his older cousin and Su Yuqi.  Deep inside, he was already cursing so loud.  Just why were these two at each other's throat again?  And what the heck was Shen Ji Yun doing?  Taking Luo Yan like that.  He knew how overprotective his cousins were.  Now, he was the one who had to calm them.  And Su Yuqi was not helping at all.   

"Brother Ren, Su Yuqi was simply saying that Ji Yun won't do anything harmful to Xiao Yan.  I can attest to that.  I've been friends with him for more than a decade now.  I assure you that he won't harm Xiao Yan in any shape or form," he said to Luo Ren before turning to Su Yuqi and whispering, "And you, don't say anything more.  I beg of you, please."

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