AFTER leaving the Chengdu Panda Base, they were now on their way to Wenshu Monastery.  Assistant Xing was still the one driving them. 

Wenshu Monastery was an authentic and active Buddhist temple where one can see many locals worshiping and burning incense.  It had beautiful gardens, abundant cultural relics and treasures, as well as restaurants serving vegetarian dishes.

They planned to go around the monastery first and then have lunch there.  They would probably arrive there before ten.

The souvenirs that Luo Yan bought, together with the big stuffed panda, were in the back of the nanny car.  Before leaving the souvenir shop, he also saw his brothers buying something.  Even asking the staffs there to gift wrap it.  He secretly smiled when he saw that.  Because he somehow already had a guess on who those gifts were for.

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