JUST like his brother, Luo Jin was also browsing Weibo for any topic about Rookie Carnival's preliminary round.  Under normal circumstance, he wouldn't waste his time to look at this thing.  But because his game account name was revealed at the very end, he wanted to see what others were saying about him.

[Hey, you guys, why are we not talking about the funniest thing in the preliminary today?]

[Was there even such a thing?]

[Come on, have you forgotten already or did you just not see?]

[I think I know what you're talking about.]

[Actually, I also think I know what it was.  Or who it was, maybe.]

[Ah!  It's that cute gnome, isn't it?]

[Hahaha!  Now that you mention it, I almost forgot about that little guy.]

[True!  AmazingYoungMasterJin – hahaha! Who would give themselves such a game name?]

[I think he's a kid, probably just in elementary school that's why he's not ashamed of having such a name.]

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