WHEN Luo Yan entered his classroom, he was immediately greeted by his classmates.

"Good morning, Xiao Yan!"

"How was your holiday?"

"Good morning!  It was great," he said, greeting back and answering the question.  "I hope you also had a great holiday."

He then glanced at Yu Jiao's seat and saw that it was empty.  It's weird to see that she hadn't arrived yet.  Especially since the other had always arrived here earlier than him.  He hoped nothing happened.

He walked to his seat and put down his bag.  He was about to message Yu Jiao when he heard some of his classmates sitting near him talking about a certain topic.

"Have you watched the preliminary round of the Rookie Carnival?"

"Yeah.  It's kind of hard to track everything that was happening because of how many the participants were."

"You should have just bought a ticket to watch the whole thing in the game instead of watching the live broadcast."

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