AT this time, the other three members of Yunyue just entered the portal going to Tropical Land.  After the vacuum like feeling, they were immediately welcomed by the colorful and lively view of the amusement park. 

Luo Jin stared at this wide expanse of land in front of him.  Looking around, it almost felt endless.  He could see some castle at a distance, there was even a mountain of some sort over there.  And far ahead, just behind the castle, he could even see some lush forest.  He didn't expect that this amusement park would be this big.  No, maybe it just looked big on the surface.

So, he asked his cousin, "Brother Ze, just how big is this amusement park?" 

"Really big.  Well, 'big' is actually an understatement," Bai Ze said.  "There are five areas here.  And each area is bigger than the next.  There's a snowy mountain, underground tunnels, a jungle area and a river that surrounds it."

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