Hearing that call, Luo Ren turned towards the direction of where the voice was coming from.  Then he saw a white-haired elf running towards him. 

The other was wearing a silvery-white robe over a black costume that almost looked like some kind of ninja outfit.  But it didn't appear tacky at all.  In fact, it suited the white-haired elf quite well.  As if it was a crime if he were to wear an ordinary outfit.  He was a great beauty.  But even so, no one would doubt that he was a young man.  He simply had that kind of face that could easily transcend genders.

But the thing that caught people's attention most was his pair of blue eyes dusted in gold.  Long white eyelashes surrounded his eyes.  Their shape was like blooming peach blossoms.  Wait- peach blossom?

Luo Ren stared at the white-haired elf and was stunned to notice that he looked very similar to someone. 

His deceased mother. 

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