BUT the moment Luo Yan attacked, his dagger met some kind of resistance.  As if the Angel was suddenly surrounded by some kind of invisible barrier.  He raised one of his brows.  So, the Priest class still had this kind of skill.

Lan Yu was glad that he put up that barrier on time.  If he didn't, based on the collision he felt, he probably would have been thrown back.  But he didn't have time to relax because he knew whoever this invisible enemy was would attack again.  So, he decided to use his skill with the highest attack power. 

The problem was, he could only use it after the barrier he put up disappeared.  Because it wouldn't work as long as any one of his skills was currently activated.  The effect of the barrier would last for 10 seconds.  Now, there's only about half of that left.  He just had to get ready the moment the barrier disappeared.  Once it did, he would obliterate him.

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