The Retribution of a Cursed Swordsman
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The Retribution of a Cursed Swordsman


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What is The Retribution of a Cursed Swordsman

Read The Retribution of a Cursed Swordsman novel written by the author Zero_Things on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, cultivation, vampire, werewolf. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


War struck the whole continent as the emperor of a nation filled with hungry beasts vowed to destroy humanity. It seemed as though there wasn’t an end in sight to the mindless violence between the two nations until a group of people stood out from the rest of the humans to bring the constant fighting to a standstill. The humans praised them for their efforts, and the beasts hated them for interfering in their war. Yet, there was nothing any of them could do to go against the power that they held. Kalon Talvos was the illegitimate prince of an empire which was known for its strength and vicious brutality. Yet, he didn’t have a shred of that within him. At least on the surface. The young prince lived his life without hatred and was oblivious to the dark forces moving behind his back until an encounter with a strange man changed his life forever. “There isn’t much time left. Trust in only yourself. Only you know the truth. Now reach out and bring this all to an end.” “But what if I can’t? It hurts too much!” “Then let me take over for a while. I can take the pain away.”


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Hello, It looks like you have found my novel. Thank you for checking it out and I hope you enjoy it. I will warn you that it is a little dark at first and that might turn some of you away but I hope you hold out until the end. If you haven't already then why not drop by my discord server to be able to contact me and share your opinions of my novels. I will be able to reply to you more freely over there. I hope to see you there. https://discord.gg/KbBF8XP


Do you know stories that revolve around moral dilemmas? Well, this plunges you right into that. Will you be loyal to strangers but were part of your race? Or will you complete the mission your blood-kin gave you, even if they don't cherish you? What path will you choose? Is one path better than the other? Or will any choice rend his heart apart? Read and find it for yourself. This book hooked me right from the start. It is a must-read for everyone~!!!


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This book does live up to your other 1 i cant wait for more [img=faceslap][img=update]


Hmm...I give the novel this rating. First of all the grammar is smooth enough for a good read. Author has done good work to make this work a potential masterpiece. Now why I called it a masterpiece?? Here it is. This is the only book that made me feel like buying chaps if it goes premium. Overall it's so good. Keep it going, I'mma support you from shadows mate.


Interested in adventure? This one is fir you. interested in cultivation? This one is for you again. Interested in fantasy with romance? This one is for you again again... Give this one a chance..you won't regret. 💓🧡


What kind of fantastic writing is this? The other novel from this author already amazed me but this one.... it's off the chart. Such an amazing art of work that will keep you mesmerized and crave for more chapters.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone who desires a taste of cultivation with western elements - I for one am a lover of vampires. So you, hey you! Yes, you the reader! Do not go past this book, you're going to love it. Keep up the good work, author Zero!


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This book is best to read. The mythical creatures with their adventurous journey. Omo writer I love the plot. Ima be a vampire and snatch your writing skills. Well the bg ,characters development are really great. I can sense how much struggle the author put in this novel. More power to you. This book is gonna be a blockbuster one.Fighting!


A great start for an amazing story. Story writing is superb and wonderfully presented. The characters stand out and leave an impression to the reader. Kudos to the author for doing a fantastic job in writing this great novel


I lobe the plot and I feel like Kalon was thrown into a situation that was out if his hands it makes me kind of sad but the fact the title says retribution makes me a little bit hopefully [img=recommend]


the mc is stupid it doesn't matter that he's 12 if anyone when through what mc went through they would not be this dumb world background needs work aswell many plot holes


Ngl your The legendery F rank was kinda bad however this novel is very good. in this you have not made the same writing mistakes and it really shows. piece of advice just keep the power levels consistent and dont make the rank jumping to much or common


>• Before you begin read this: Our MC is a human and people are waiting for him to awaken his powers which is seeming impossible. There are evil characters who are selfish, I hate Octavian and Dorian (Never felt this much rage) MCs professor and mother are framed so MCs vampire king father could use him to send him as a spy to human world. Because current world is monster world (MCs world) where he is born human without/with hidden powers and is weakest of all, although he has his mother and sister Luna and professor to love and treat him kindly (Well, partially his mother) The storyline inclines towards the rise of MC and his powers and his goals. Narration style of the author is better than his previous works which itself is a great deal and improvement.


fancy book by the way. but the only thing I don't like about is the guy is too stopid lmao. imagine that you're going out while you're becoming the stare public show 😂. I don't want to be like that.


HERE I COME! Orcs, Trolls, Beastmen and even Werewolves in this book. This is like any isekai-er dream come true... but wait! Where are my shinning vampires?! Side note, handsome review swap trade! Completely biased and a waste of your valuable reader time :D


This novel is awesome!!! The story is awesome - even if its just starting. The writing is awesome - I already feel for the prince. The author is awesome - nuff said


HAHAHA... An interesting novel. I like the plot of this novel. I thought this novel is a "Reject Humanity, return to Monke" vibes. But... the boi was born as a human :/... but anyway good luck to the author! I hope you are doing fine :)


Stability - Considering that the author already has a streak of 100+ days of continuous writing then the stability shouldn't be bad(5 stars) Story development - The beginning is intriguing and I am actually interested in what's going to happen next. The story can definitely lure the reader in(5 stars) Character design - once again, too few chapters to judge, but there is a lot of room for character development.(5 stars) World background - (5 stars) Btw the cover looks bomb.


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