1 The Return of Darkness and Sin

<Train travelling through India>

<??? Pov>

Today is the fifth day of my journey to China, I have been given permission to excavate an old tomb and observe an ancient sealing ritual done by the Chinese to keep Evil locked away in the mountains. Joan had to work extremely hard to get this opportunity from the Chinese and I would do well not to fail her expectations of me.

"Nostradamus, take a break and get you head out of the clouds, Joan has trusted us with this task, everything will go well. If it doesn't your ability to see into the future will help us avoid the worst of the events, there are rumours that a long forgotten king lies in the tomb that we will be digging up.

This man was rumoured to be the opposite of the 7 virtues in every single way however he was defeated in battle by one of the eight immortals. He avoided death no matter what the Immortal did and in the end he had to be sealed instead of killed, the ritual we will be observing is said to be the only thing keeping him at bay"

Nostradamus was about to speak when he began to visually shake and his eyes diluted to a pure black state, he then flew off of the oak chair, he was sitting on, he then lifted himself off of the floor and said" I see your friend here is a seer, I can't wait for you to visit me in China, I have always heard about the amazing stories the French can tell. Being trapped here is quite boring, not that I will be trapped here for much longer."

The woman in the room with Nostradamus ran too the door and shouted" Guards, something is wrong with Nostradamus, it seems he has been possessed. You spirit what is your name?" 'Nostradamus' moved form the back of the room and towards the woman before whispering in her ear" I have no name, I'm just a man of rumour."

<3 weeks later, Chinese Mountains, exact location hidden>

<???'s Pov>

"The Frenchman Nostradamus and his team will be with us shortly, I know that there are vast treasures in the tomb but is it worth opening? Emperor Ku only agreed to this because you threatened to leave the empire if he didn't and that the French would back you. Dong Zhuo don't be stupid, although the Emperor is weakened at the moment he can still strike out once we return home."

"Lü Bu, stop worrying, the Emperor will have his hands tied for now, the eight Immortals have all vanished, leaving him without his strongest defence. He will not attack until they return from their pilgrimage, giving us 2 months to make plans for the throne." Lü Bu just shook his head and contemplated ways he could avoid becoming a target for the strongest man in the empire.

<Nostradamus' Pov>

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"Catherine I feel like I'm being watched however there is none here but us, I fear that whatever being was with us on the train never left me." As the words drifted off into the wind, a large piece of wood flew off of the shrine entrance and hit Nostradamus in the chest, the weight if the wood keeping him in place for enough time for a message to be delivered.

"Poor old Frenchman, I feel deep regret for you that you came to this place as you and your mistress will not be leaving here alive. Only you can hear me, you will be my escape and in return I will return you to the God you are desperately praying to in your mind." The words hung in Nostradamus' ears as he simply lay there with the wood on top of him, Catherine began to lift the wood off of Him but Nostradamus just remained lying in the same spot.

"Nostradamus what is wrong? Why are you not moving? The wood has been lifted off of you, come on we need to hurry to meet our contact." Catherine then offered a hand to Nostradamus and lifted him up off of the ground, Nostradamus took a while to get started up again, he glanced at the wood that had fallen on him and the symbol on it was that of the Immortal that was rumoured to have fought here a long time ago.

Nostradamus sighed and said" Catherine, the other person here has told me that we are to die here, I apologise to you for dragging you into this mess, he has cancelled out my ability to see into the future. I believe that this was why I was attacked on the train, so he could get a hold on me before we got here."

Nostradamus then knowingly walked towards what he knew would be his end, the dust on the stairs was being blown around by the wind, painting both he and Catherine in white, the two ghostly figures pressed on and arrived at the beautiful open shrine at the top of the stairs. The large lake in the centre of the shrine reflected the be starry night's sky while the old looking building in the centre added it's own charm to the scene in front of them .

A tall man walked out of the shrine building, he was carrying a circular object in a small bag, when he noticed Nostradamus and Catherine he just smiled and threw the bag at the feet of Nostradamus. Who slowly bent down and opened the bag, his own head was staring back at him, Catherine looked in the bag to see what had made Nostradamus stop moving and she saw her own head smiling back at her, she immediately threw up and this caused the tall man to laugh and click his finger which caused himself and the bag to vanish from sight.

Instantly hundreds of people appeared around Nostradamus and Catherine, they scanned the crowd and walked towards the man they thought was their contact who turned his head and said" My welcome back, the party will start soon, go and meet the rest of the guests while you still can"

The man whom they approached disappeared and a smaller version of the same man approached them and said" Nostradamus right? I'm Dong Zhuo, the ritual will begin shortly, after that myself and my guard Lü Bu will escort you to the tomb so you can pick out the best area to set up for the excavation, I "

Dong Zhuo was interrupted by a loud scream which drew everyone's attention to the shrine maidens on the wooden stage, an older woman was holding her throat as blood slowly dripped down while a tall man stood next to her and said" Um I have no name or I can't remember it but thats not important, what is important is that I'm free and you are all in my shrine uninvited and I hate trespassers more than anything."

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