The Ressurection of Lilith
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The Ressurection of Lilith


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What is The Ressurection of Lilith

The Ressurection of Lilith is a popular web novel written by the author Death_Pantser, covering LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 209.6K readers with an average rating of 4.69/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 36 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Lilith is a succubus who uses psychological warfare to enslave men. She hunt her prey on  emotionally weak men and steals their souls through sexual activity. She use the collected soul fragments to regain the power of Satan. Repeated sexual activity with her can cause poor physical or mental health, even death. If this is what Hell is like, then go ahead and make a contract. WARNING: IT HAS A MATURE CONTENT, SO I ADVICE YOU TO TAKE PARENTAL CONFIRMATION BEFORE READING IT, AND READERS UNDER 18 ARE COMPLETELY PROHIBITED.

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I just recently bumped and read this story I say this is kind of underrated with bigger potential. Well written and deserve to get a full five stars! If you are looking for story with intense and hot vibes, don't hesitate and start reading this now.


Reveal spoiler


Everything about this book just got me hooked! Please read this talented work, I would definitely recommend this. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


The story has a great plot, I can imagine the storyline but it has a lot of sexual scenes, it's a good book, the author is doing a good job, I have just read3 chapters but I'm going continue on this The book is overall very good, but it could do with some improvements


i read it in tagalog and i enjoy it and now it translated it in english i love it hihihi and for me this is one of the best story i ever read :) hope you enjoy reading too ❤


I rated the writing quality a 3 because evidently this was originally in Tagalong and translated into English. I don't know Tagalog. I'm not sure about the quality in that language, but it's obvious that a non-native English speaker translated this work. It needs a LOT of editing and proofreading. It's difficult to understand in parts. The TLer went for direct translations in quite a few places because there is a lot of Engrish and misused pronouns ('he' where 'she' should be used, their/there/they're mistakes, your/you're mistakes, etc). The story, however, is quite good. If you can overlook the Engrish and the sometimes-hard-to-understand sentences, I recommend this book to you. Also, when they say it's R-18, they're not lying. this book is pretty much ****-with-plot. A decent plot at that, though. Please, Mr. or Ms. Translator, get a native English speaker to proofread this. Otherwise, it's really good.


well, the story is as enticing as lilith herself and is also mysterious. as usual, the inclusion of some kind of mythology does not fail as enticing the audience. since i have just begun reading this story, i cannot throw much insight upon the further developments, but it has a marvellous beginning that does not fail at drawing me in.


Reading the synopsis gave me chills...I loved how the first chapter started ...The author's writing style is well written & the choice of words is remarkable...This book definitely has the potential to reach great heights...Excellent work, Author!


Oh Lilith 1-4 Chapters are already intense. I want to dig deeper on you f*cking hot and sexy story. Added to my library. ❤️🖤💦💦💦🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤


A rather unique take on the genre! I am impressed! This needs to be read by many readers! Definitely recommended from me! Good luck author to your work and May your novel prosper. BTW, I am from review swap thread.


This book is quite interesting and very captivating The plot is unique from what I find on webnovel. The character of Lilith is very interesting,she will steal your heart. And it has very streamy chapters


I originally read the story when it was on inkstone, so here am I reviewing the new link. The storyline is unique, English is good, and will leave you hanging for more! The other reason I enjoy the story is because it has some Filipino elements, totally enjoy it!! R-18 though.


ok...this is amazing the storyline is amazing and captivating the *** appeal of our mL is quite let me say out of this world but what I don't like is how much *** scenes there is aside from that the author is doing a good job


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