1 Chapter 1 - Consequence of Betrayal

[Let's have a talk, shall we?]

"What do you even want to talk about sir?"

[What, you ask? Well, the progress of course, how many of the Gods are dead right now, as in truly dead? I do remember reminding you to destroy their Sparks should your group fully intended to kill them all, yet all five of the Divine Sparks have not been crushed into powder but rather used as a power source for you people and the World God has been turned into a Golem with his remaining Divine Shell. Tell me, does your group into to go against me using the remnants of the broken down Gods and the gifts I gave all of you?]

"Well, sir..., yes we do! You treat us like we're nothing! Who do you think you are! For 2 years, my comrades and I have been fighting for your cause yet all we get was the dead corpses of the Gods and nothing else, what can we do with that? You clearly have the ability to extend life, seeing as you made me live longer by these past few years, why can't you make us immortal as well?" , exclaimed the Vargas family head.

[May I ask if you choose to represent all life forms of Rein in saying this?]

"Yes, I do. I may be incompetent but I planned most of the plan for the downfall of the Gods and I believe that everyone will agree with me in my thoughts of representing everyone."

[Since you chose to represent everyone, then you should also face the consequences of representing all and that is the complete erasure of this world. Do you understand?]

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"What do you mean?!"

[Why isn't it simple to understand? It's merely been a while since I've had a meal so I think it's time to bite down.]

A cruel and crazed smile appeared on the being's face(?) and the walls(?) of the bar all fell away to reveal the sight of the planet being laid out in front of them while they were floating in space. The worldly laws must have changed for the vacuum of space existed yet they were able to breathe properly.

On the planet, the people were going about normal lifestyle, with bountiful divine energy to be used, technology had progressed tremendously, becoming comparable to late 20th-century Earth. Every being could see that the sky was becoming darker and for some parts of the planet, daytime immediately shifted to night for a black, viscous, humungous and alien life form appeared above the sky. It's head was full of big eyes, it's arms were all different, some were human, others were amphibian, reptilian and insect arms. If there were any legs then they weren't visible.

[Now..., time to chow down!!!]

The Thing manifested a mouth and it stretched its jaw so wide that it couldn't be compared to any animal's mouth. With that, the mouth closed down on the planet and swallowed it whole. Consuming the entire damn planet. The only survivor left were those of the elementals existing within the surrounding stars and the lone family head whose family was no more.

[Ye desired for immortality did ye not? Yet what came out from endless greed was an eventual loss. Immortality cannot be granted and only obtained. This is a truth, no matter what world, no matter the universe. Immortality makes everything boring. But, I suppose since you wished for it. Then, it is your right to have it. Anything that I have eaten stays with me, forever. Thee can stay immortal, deep within my stomach.]

And with that, another mouth appeared and chowed down on Anthony Vargus as even his name disappeared from reality. A face similarly resembling him appeared on the Thing's body(?).

[One last thing, to the fools watching me outside of the restrictions of time and space! Don't you all dare think that I don't see you! You'll all be my next meal. I assure you of it.]

With that said, the Thing, ate open a gap in the ?_/# and disappeared into it..

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