The Reincarnation of Evil EmperorThe Reincarnation of Evil Emperor

The Reincarnation of Evil Emperor

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Strength? I had that before! I stood at the summit of the cultivation world! But as years passed, I finally understood that I was ignorant. On land, I am the Immortal. In Heaven, I am the Ant. But after ten thousand years, my life is about to end. But I just don’t want to be the ant on Heaven, rather, I want to be the God of Heaven. Can I be considered an ant in heaven? Even after ten thousand years, I was unable to transcend and explore that land? Perhaps no. But I will not allow myself to die just like this. I suffered ten thousand years burying my painful memories and becoming a malevolent person in order to become stronger. I absolutely will not allow myself to die just like this, Never! To do that... There is one thing I need to do — The Reincarnation Art. So... Let my body be the stake upon activation, even if my existence would be erased in the history of cultivation, I will not hesitate in the face of ascension! Because I am the Evil Emperor Xiao Fang! Now let us start the journey, success, or failure, let the activation of the Forbidden Reincarnation Art began!

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