2 Melancholy

He was floating, he didn't know where he didn't know why but he knew he was floating. The last thing he remembered was him being admitted into the hospital due to over working. He opened his eyes to the feeling of floating.

"Hello Host, welcome to the regret system"

It was a mechanical voice. The panicked man looked around and found a floating object beside him. The sound was coming from it.

"Host, can you understand me."

It asked again. He was bewildered. " what is this place" he asked.

"It is your consciousness". It replied

"I am the regret system and I am going to send you to the past".

His heart skipped a beat.

"Is this a dream? am i dead?"

"No host. I told you you are going back in time. Get ready. We are going back in time"

" Ten"








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The tired man just closed his eyes. He wish this was not a dream and he could go back. Go back in time and change the past. Go back to the past and save her. The girl who loved him. He hoped this was not just a fantasy he conjured..