The Red Witch of Salem
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The Red Witch of Salem


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What is The Red Witch of Salem

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Adaline Auvray is afraid about leaving her beautiful hometown of Beverwick. She's terrified that someone will discover her unmentionable secret. A secret that will put her, her family in devastation. In a town of Salem, a town is in conflict with magic and a supernatural force brings that threatens them all especially to the richest family, to live in middle of Salem. The Blackmore's are a very wealthy family summonses the Auvray to a wedding, it seems to be a perfect match. Between Mara and Hayden, but these two lovers hide dark secrets and tragedy shreds them apart will bring shame. Adaline will stop at nothing to end the evil that pledges the town, save her sweet sisters marriage to Hayden Blackmore but, can she protect herself from the corrupted hands of the gallows hill. Catherine Blackmore a rich and glamour's woman lives high on top of a hill in a massive mansion. She's found her real soul mate, a tall and attractive with alluring blue eyes, James Blackmore. But not every family is not entirely perfect as she, too, hides a dark secret and it begins to haunt her. But Catherine feels uneasy about the love match of her dear son, Hayden. It is true love? Or something fearful going to break not just the marriage, though something else cracks through the Blackmore mansion and wants to lead her astray, and will he an evil specter to take her to his grave. When a dark and mysterious stranger gives Adaline a bottle that will make her rethink of the ways of the craft. Will she accept his odd offer? Soon she'll meet him again. But Adaline is going come upon this perfect-strangers long forgotten past that he tries to bury inside him. So evil not even every spell or hexes can banish it away from him.

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