1 A Bird on Her search

On a bright day ,my grandmother woke me up

"Dumplings wake up and see what I got for you" ,I woke up and rubbed my eyes ,I saw a small plant in a orange pot. "Its a plant" I said lazily. "Its not a ordinary plant , it's a maple tree" she said. A small version of maple tree was kept infront of me and all my thoughts were lingering inside my mind. "Where should I plant it grandma?" I asked. She pointed toward the open land, where Marshmallow ,our dog was playing with the ducks, "You can plant it in the middle of the field" ,I was really happy and went straight outside with her and the pot .

That afternoon we planted our precious plant and guarded it by fences . Marshmallow was really excited at the arrival of this new member. My grandmother also took some pictures of me and marshmallow with my first plant .

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