8 The End is Near

"Let's go, guys." I said to my teammates.

We climbed into the car and drove to various locations, most of them being the grocery store.

Although I already prepared for the apocalypse, I wanted to grab a few more items. Plus, my teammates wanted to choose some more things which I would store in my space for them.

This is a very last minute shopping because the apocalypse was less than a day away. James, Kyle and I all paid for the items that the rest of the team bought. We had a lot of money we needed to spend because when the apocalypse occurred, money was practically worthless. Many started using crystal cores as a form of payment. Thus, I had no problem wasting my money.

I was currently at a car dealership buying around 10 different cars. I could tell that the car associate was dying to know why I needed so many cars.

Hey, it's the zombie apocalypse, what do you expect?

I soon received the cars and after careful observation, I stored the cars into my space.

Hmmm...I think I need some car parts just in case. So, I stored some extra tires and things into my space. I'm practically a walking store right now.

I wonder if I could store buildings? Wouldn't it be amazing and funny to crush a huge horde of zombies with the building? Maybe I'll store some buildings when the zombie apocalypse occurs.

For some reason, after the apocalypse happened, ability user's gained nicknames. I guess I am gonna be known as Bob the Builder.

After getting what we needed, we made our way home.

Currently, my teammates and I were sitting on my dorm room floor with serious expressions.

"So, let's make a plan." I said.

"Agreed." James responded.

"Okay, before that though, let's first list the things we already know." I said.

Kyle nodded.

"According to Ash, the first signs of the outbreak would be black rain which will result in many coming down with fevers." Kyle said.

"About 12 hours later, those with fevers would either turn into zombies or ability users. Those who do not have fevers are just regular humans." Royce added.

"That's right. The first day of the apocalypse is known as the First Awakening." I replied.

"Um...do y-y-you happen to know what happens at the boarding school?" Emily stuttered out.

"Yes, you see when the first zombies appeared, the boarding school was one the last places to be informed. It was about 2 days later after the First Awakening when students and teachers realized what was going on. There was a panic and students and teachers began packing their things to leave. However, a student was infected and that led to almost 65 percent of the population at the boarding school to turn into zombies." I said.

Everyone's eyes widened in shock.

"65 percent? Are you sure, Young Master?" Tristan questioned.


Royce ran his hands through his white hair and sighed, obviously stressed.

"This is so much to take in." Royce said.

Much to everyone's astonishment, Kyle gently grabbed Royce's hand and began to gently massage his fingers.

Royce looked up at Kyle in shock.

Seeing everyone's attention on him, Kyle blushed a deep crimson red.

"I...I...Don't misunderstand!" Kyle shouted with a cute blush.

I smiled at my older twin. I didn't know he had a cute side to him.

"Well, back to the conversation. After the zombie outbreak, the military started to established many bases in different cities." I said.

"The military?" Tristan questioned as I never told him about this before.

"Yes, the military. During the early days of the apocalypse, the military welcomed any one into their bases. However, after the discovery of the abilities, those who entered the bases were required to have at least 1 ability user on their group or had at least 1 crystal core each." I told them.

"So when the apocalypse occurs what will we do? Will we join a military base?" James asked.

"Yes, I want us to join the military base in City B. I have a few new teammates in mind if they are willing to join us."

"T-teamates?" Emily stuttered out.

"Who do you have in mind Asher?" Royce asked.

A memory flashed by me.

The man's ocean blue eyes stared at me in concern. He made a slight frown which looked foreign on his handsome face. His black hair was swept nearly to the side and he gently ruffled my hair.

"Don't worry Ash, you are not alone anymore. I will always be there to protect you." The man said with a deep and masculine voice, sending tingles down my spine as I suppressed my urge to moan at his sexy voice.

I felt my self smile at the man.

"That's kinda gay." I said jokingly at the man, not noticing how the man's mouth parted as if to tell me something.

"Thank you Cas, without you I would have never made it this far." I said as I patted his shoulder and began to walk away.

Caspian mumbled something.

I turned back. "Did you say something Cas?" I asked.

Caspian his head.

"Okay then, I hope to see you in my next mission!" I exclaimed as I ran back to my teammates.

That was the last time I saw him.

I sighed at the memory before I smiled slightly.

Liar, I thought jokingly. Where were you when I was dying? However, I could never hold a grudge against Commander Caspian Winter. After all, he was my savior in my previous life. Without him, I would have never made it that far. He was my only friend that I could lean on.

I wondered what happened to him after my death? Did he ever look for me? Does he even know I am dead; the person he promised to protect?

Because he saved me countless times during my missions and became my one friend, I was determined to protect him in this lifetime.

Although he was not able to protect me in the end, I do not hate him.

I know that he was able to thrive in the apocalypse and rule as the Emperor of the Empire base, I still wanted to help him.

It took him a year to establish the Empire Base in City A as the base was still undergoing construction when the apocalypse occurred. With the help of gold, wood and metal ability users, the Empire was created and was known as the number 1 military base of the apocalyptic world.

During the 1 year before, Caspian lived in the City B Base. I am hoping to meet him along the way to City B.

"Just a certain someone."

James raised his eyebrow and smirked.

"Oh? Just someone?" James said suggestively.

The others were now looking at me curiously.

Noticing their gazes on me, I felt my cheeks warm up and I was pretty sure I was blushing.

Gosh, what is up with people and their blushing? First it was Kyle and now it was me.

"Ahem!" I coughed, trying to distract them.

"Anyways, I have about 2 or more teammates in mind. If we ever get split up, no matter what you do, never go to the Base in City E." I told them.

The Base in City E was the Base where my family and I took cover. Although I need my revenge, it can wait until me and my teammates are secure and safe.

I am not willing to risk the lives of my teammates for something as petty as revenge.

"Ash, I just thought of a plan." Kyle said.

"Shoot." I said.

"How about we leave straight after the black rain which occurs later today. It takes 24 hours for the zombie virus to kick in. If we were to leave after the black rain, we would have 12 hors to travel to City B. I estimate that it will take us 2 days to arrive."

"Okay, let's do that then."

Just as I spoke, I heard thunder and lighting.

Immediately, the group turned silent and looked towards the window.

I got up and quietly walked to the window. I lifted the curtain and felt a sense of dread growing in my stomach.

I turned back towards them just as lightning flashed, illuminating my face. I said with a serious tone, "Black Rain. The end is near."