10 Securing Loyal Help Part Three

Both Feng Shun and Feng Xi looked at Dai Fen in shock. Dai Fen was one to never work for anyone he did not respect. Not only that he was a huge name in the business world and had many connections. Feng Xi felt like she was on cloud nine! But Feng Shun did not know how to feel about this, he kind of felt like he had just lost to his daughter.

"Master Dai, If you begin to handle my daughter's work, who will hand my and my father's finances?" Feng Shun asked. He had no idea how to handle the books! And he could not leave it to his wife since she was less schooled then he when it came to all those numbers! She only knew how to make the numbers go down, not up!

"Actually, my son has been handling your grandfather's expenses for a while now. We both agreed I would handle yours for another year or two since you are so picky about the people around you." Dai Fen suddenly dropped a bomb on to Feng Shun. A man who always had things done a certain way within his family. suddenly felt like his whole world was about to be messed up.


"No buts! You should be thanking me instead of trying to figure out how to keep me. I am probably the only man in the country who can make your daughter the richest woman in all of China! With my abilities and connections, and her business planning, we make a team that can not be beat! In all my years, I have never seen such a genius when it came to business. Everything she wrote from the stocks to the plans for her companies, they are so well thought out and precise, the only thing that is missing is the capital!

"And she has already gotten that figured out! All she needs is someone who can make it all happen for her and that person just so happens to be me! I still have a good amount of time left in me and I want to see just how for the little girl can go!" Dai Fen put his foot down and moved to stand beside Feng Xi.

Feng Xi was still in shock and did not know what to say. When Feng Shun saw this he couldn't help but laugh. He had to agree to this because this was the safest bet for his daughter. At least now he would know her future was secured no matter what path she had to take. "Alright, I will allow it."

"Who said you had a say in this, this is between me and your daughter who I work for now. Go sit down and do your military things." Dai Fen casually brushed off Feng Shun who just slumped into his seat feeling utterly defeated. He could never go against Dai Fen's words. He was an old man who never held back his words.

Feng Xi looked at her father who was looking at her, she mouthed out the words "Thank you!" before sitting down and making a plan with Dai Fen. Feng Shun nodded his head. He felt better seeing how his daughter was appreciative towards him.

"Okay, let me get this straight, until you are on your own, you want to sit in the background and not let anyone know you are the boss of these places?" Dai Fen asked.

"Yes, for now, at least until I get into College. It will allow me to fend off any unwanted attention. The business world can be a battlefield. Oh and one more thing..." Feng Xi pulled out one more document from her folder and passed it to Dai Fen.

When Dai Fen read it his eyes opened wide. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, it will be necessary. Use the game development building as the base for now. Make sure the building you find has a large basement we can renovate and make deeper."

"You are a smart lady. You already know the ends and outs fo the light and the dark side of the business world. But you should let your father help with this too. He knows many retired mercs who you can trust." Dai Fen turned his head to Feng Shun.

"What else do you need? You already stole my accountant." Feng Shun disgruntled expression said it all.

"Your daughter plans to start her own force. Once she can use for protection and other things that go with the business world. Your father had to do the same thing." Dai Fen reminded before Feng Shun could even reject.

"Alright, I know a few guys who do some side work in that field. They are very trustworthy and had been looking for a place to settle. But... Xi'er if you do something illegal and get caught, it is on you. Do not bring my general manor down with you." Feng Shun's voice turned cold. One thing he would not allow was his Feng Family's name being used for illegal deeds.

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"Do not worry Father, I have no plans to do anything of the sort. The people I want to hire are for the protection of my businesses, bodyguard duty, and investigation purposes. I will also need a few hackers to build firewalls and ward off corporate hacking." There was more too it than this as well. If one wanted to be big in the business world they needed to learn to push against the bigger companies. She wanted to rise to the top not sit down low making scraps. She wanted to dominate all the markets.

"Alright, I got just the people for you. Master Dai knows them as well. So I will call them tomorrow and send them to Master Dai." Feng Shun was hoping he was making the right decision. Each and every one of these men he was sending to his daughter's side were cold blooded killers in their prime. Even now they could still take on twenty men without breaking a sweat.

"Then that settles it. I will be in contact with you while you are at the academy. Leave the small details to me." Dai Fen got up and stretched his back.

Feng Xi also got up as well and reached her hand out, which Dai Fen took ahold of as they shook. "It will be a pleasure working with you Master Dai."

"Likewise. Now go get some sleep. Your brain needs enough rest to be able to do smart business."


Royal Palace….

The moonlight shined down through an open window on to the face of a handsome young man. His refined facial features and his deep dark eyes glistened in the moonlight. He was casually lying down on a small cushioned couch, with a bowl of grapes at his side. He slowly peeled one of the grapes and popped it into his mouth while staring at the young man in front of him.

"Your highness that was the tenth one you tossed out this week…. If your grandmother finds out..." A young man with fair skin and a high voice did not know what to do. The Prince would not be the one to get yelled at. It would be him!

"Eunuch Li, you worry too much about the old lady. What I do is what I do. The Academy is starting soon so make sure all my things are ready. Maybe I will find that one girl that I find interesting there."

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