41 Even If Shao Cheng Isn't Angry Any More, It Doesn't Mean That He Will Make It Easy for Ren Yuan.

Shao Cheng that has finally able to finish some decent dishes in the currently strange atmosphere on the hidden cave has walked over to Ren Yuan that has been feeling uneasy the entire time, has placed over a simple soup along with barbeque deer meat in front of his, before turning around without a word spoken.

Although Shao Cheng's anger has disappeared completely, there is no way that he would make it so easy for Ren Yuan to feel relief so fast, after all, even though he accepted the fact that this might happen again repeatedly, later on, at least this time will give Ren Yuan a little bit of a lesson and will also let him think more about doing a naughty stunt when it comes to him.

Feeling the need to educate his future Emperor, Shao Cheng has calmly started drinking the hot soup without paying any more attention at Ren Yuan that has been secretly glancing his way once in a while, probably wondering why he was being ignored when they have a rather good start when he found him.

Suddenly Ren Yuan couldn't help but feel uncomfortable, while the peach blossom grey eyes suddenly appeared a bit grievance on it as he gives a glance filled with a silent complaint at the young man figure.

Even though Shao Cheng appears to be immersed in his own world as he ate the food he has prepared, he has been secretly paying attention to Ren Yuan the entire time and seeing the way those peach blossom grey eyes carried a hit of accusation on it which a bit adorable from Shao Cheng personal opinion, however, this time he was completely determined to harden his heart.

"What's wrong Big Brother Yu Yu? Are you asking to be fed?... Well, I already did before so… if you want me to, I can do it once more."

Ren Yuan that heard what Whitey has spoken couldn't help but open his eyes wide in disbelief before flushing pink from either embarrassment or anger which Shao Cheng doesn't know about which one was it, it might be both.

"W-what! No! I can feed myself!"

"I see."


Seeing that he was once again being ignored, Ren Yuan turns his head away in irritation before eating the food in a grumpy way, mumbling about how bad Whitey is underneath his breath.

While Xing Ning that has already arrive after the two people have reached over at the hidden cave, which they didn't even bother asking him about where he just went, can only secretly roll his eyes about how this young man in a white robe is rather a black belly guy.

If Ren Yuan has that naughty mischievous side along with that bad personality of his then Whitey has rather a nasty and mean personality hidden behind those cold and silent manners of his that can sometimes speak a rather poisonous word that make people mad beyond reason.

From the past few days, Xing Ning was getting the hang regarding some of Whitey's rather bad side, which was being hidden with that clear dust-free appearance of his that seemed to make his usually keen and observant friend so easy to be fooled.

Which until today Xing Ning couldn't help but wonder why Ren Yuan was so easily being duped by Whitey but when he glanced at the childish action of his friend which was also seemed to be in a sulking manner has cause Xing Ning to wipe his eyes from what he is witnessing.

Is that still his friend who usually has been the one giving people a headache without caring for the other people's opinions and reactions as he does whatever he wanted?

Suddenly Xing Ning seemed to figure out that Ren Yuan has just finally met his nemesis!

However, before he can continue thinking hard while staring in a daze toward his friend, Xing Ning suddenly felt a rather sharp cold gaze causing him to wake up and instantly meeting the rather chilly gaze of Whitey which carried a hint of accusation and wariness on it.

Damn! Not everyone will fall for Ren Yuan alright? Even he has an ideal type of lover, and Ren Yuan doesn't have even a single feature of what he likes to a person to be his partner in life!

So, during lunchtime, there a strange and weird atmosphere in the hidden deep cave as the three people ate their own food while thinking their own ideas that they only know about.

And soon it was already another night time, which is in the middle of the night, as the three men inside were sleeping in their own separate white bear to keep themselves warm, the sleeping young man in white robe has snapped open his eyes swiftly when a howl of wolves reach his ears which have cause the other two men that have been sleeping to wake up in alarm.

With his quickest speed, Shao Cheng has moved to the entrance of the cave and has instantly seen the figure of the leader of the wolves pack along some of his members, which a flash of thoughts appear on his mind while sapphire eyes narrow down in a dangerous manner.

While Ren Yuan and Xing Ning that has quickly followed behind showed an alarm expression on their faces when they saw those usually fierce and dangerous animals standing in the entrance of the cave.

"Whitey come here!"

Ren Yuan who wanted to pull the young man behind him from the danger can only watch in disbelief as the young man in white robe has quickly walked over to the big wolves and bravely squatting in front of it and placing his hand over its head without any hesitation and fear of what he was doing the entire time.

Before his peach blossom grey eyes widen incredibly when the wolves leader from the appearance of it, has just remain obedient and friendly from the young man's touch and actions.

And when Ren Yuan wanted to dash ahead to pull Whitey from safety, he watches the wolves leader has taken a step before giving a lick to the young man cheek before abruptly turning around to let out a loud howl and running toward a certain direction that soon the other wolves has followed behind.

"W-whitey you…?" What the hell just happened?

Hearing the vague questioning voice of Ren Yuan, Shao Cheng has just given him a calm glance, not giving any reaction about the unusual thing he has just done and giving a simple explanation of the wolves having certain intelligence within them while he has been most loved by animals from a young age.

After speaking those words, Shao Cheng just turned around to walk inside the hidden cave once more, it doesn't matter to Shao Cheng if they believe him or not from those explanations, because right now they need to leave this place immediately.

"Come, let's go, there are numerous group of people that has just appeared in Snow Mountain."

Quickly going over to give the unconsciousness living mystical snow-white fox to Xing Ning and the small wood box container that contains important herbs within it, Shao Cheng turned around while telling the two men to just follow him.

"Wait, Whitey, how did you know that?"

With a confused face, Xing Ning couldn't help but asked those question with a doubtful voice, after all, the entire time, all of them has been sleeping quietly inside the cave, while Ren Yuan just turned silent while deep in thought, peach blossom grey eyes dark and deep with unfamtable emotion on it.

"Ning, stop it, just follow Whitey."

Soon, Ren Yuan cherry red lip has open up, stopping Xing Ning further question, while the entire time, there was an unquestionable trust within it, causing Shao Cheng to become still and giving a glance at the older man, which he soon met a peach blossom grey eyes that contain infinite determination within.

A few hours ago, Ren Yuan has chosen to take a gamble and has decided to trust and believe in the young man, until a definite truth and evidence that Whitey has betrayed him, then Ren Yuan will follow that belief of his decision.

With that, Shao Cheng's eyes fluctuate at the sudden show of Ren Yuan's trust, causing his lip to raise up in a small smile, while his heart filled with delight.


And so, the three men have left the hidden cave in the middle of the night.

The entire time, Shao Cheng with the use of his small control of moving around while using his spiritual life link special ability at the same time has finally taken one of the routes that he has already prepared a long time ago in order to escape any oncoming danger.

And because of his special ability, Shao Cheng was able to easily imprint the map of the entire Snow Mountain on his mind which is making it easy to dodge the people that definitely had arrived in this place to target Ren Yuan's life.

As for confronting the people that wanted to assassinate Ren Yuan, Shao Cheng prefers to run and hid till the blue robe young man that is Ren Yuan friend can either find them first along with the reinforcement that he will bring along with him or either arriving in a safe destination and losing their tract the people that were currently after them right now.

Shao Cheng would have loved to deal with this group of people that wanted to take Ren Yuan's life in that instant, but as he glances at the person running by his side, he would never casually treat Ren Yuan lives in a careless manner.

After everything is over, Shao Cheng will just have to deal with the people that have wanted to deal with Ren Yuan later on and making preparation for what will happen in the future, but at first, he needs to survive this ordeal with his Future Emperor.

And with that, a persistent chase has started.

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