The Realm Walker Book

novel - Romance

The Realm Walker


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Seventeen-year old Lyla Daniel's finds herself ripped out of her old, mundane life. Thrown in to a world not unlike her nightmares, her life is about to be anything but mundane. Pretty sure she’s losing her mind, she seeks answers. Then Jesse walks into her life, he’s a peculiar young man with whom nothing is quite what it seems …..Lyla and Jesse hold a powerful, soul deep, connection, that she knows nothing about. One that for him will prove fatal in a heartbeat, should he fail to protect her and keep it a secret. She is his kryptonite in more ways than one. Lyla is oblivious that she has fallen slap bang in the middle of an ageless battle between demons and lower dimensional creatures, all with a sweet tooth for death – her death to be exact. Through it all Jesse must be a relentless warrior, but can he keep Lyla alive, and sane at the same time? Join Lyla on an adventure full of weird worlds, scary dimensions, ghastly creatures and alluring allies to find out.