Listening to Mo Ruhai's mocking words, Jiang Li knew that he would never take Jiang Man as his disciple in this lifetime.

He must have hated the name Jiang Man to the extreme at the moment.

Jiang Li's lips curled up slightly, feeling satisfied.

Mo Ruhai's words were so harsh, while her parents had always regarded Jiang Man as extremely important.

Upon hearing his words, they immediately became angry and pointed at Jiang Li while cursing non-stop.

"What are you laughing at? Who do you think you are? You wretched girl! Our Jiang family has provided you with food, drinks, and accommodation. It's fine if you don't thank us, but you'll turn against your own family when you're in someone else's house?!"

"At the very least, Manman is still your younger sister. Look at what you've done during this period of time. You don't look like an older sister at all!"

"When I gave birth to you, I should have drowned you in the water!"


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