Eros and his UNKNOWN Psyche
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novel - Romance

The REAL WORLD! Eros and his UNKNOWN Psyche (FreeStyle/Unedited!)


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Yazzy and Florian are twin sisters. Florian got in a car accident with Mr. and Mrs. Roaquin after finally confirming that she's the long lost twin sister of Yazzy that time. And unfortunately their parents died and only Florian got survived. But she got commatized for 3 years. And Yazzy died in depression 3 years later on as her fiancé dumped her. And then when Florian finally woke up without any trace of remembering anything about Her true identity as Florian. Yohan, the only son of Roaquin's came up then with a plan "make Florian be Yazzy" in order to make their family's secret won't be questioned. It was like being reincarnation but Florian's personality were still there though she exist as Yazzy already. Technically It was like a miracle or destiny for her. So she really think that it's future and that her dream to become like the Yazzy she knows and she was really now really came true! Well They really have the same feature, body and face. They also have the same skills in entertainment. But there's one talent that Yazzy doesn't have and that was Florian can sing! And little did she also know she had once shown it with the man she had once encountered already. But sad to say, this memory is the one she can't retrieve anymore. So What if she meet him someday again? This someone who once known her as Psyche! What will then happen? Will this memory of someone will make her finally know that the world she was now isn't future she had dreamed but "The REAL WORLD" already? that what was happening isn't really what she dreamed but was only favoring her? And that it has something to do with Yohan her brother after all? Well I won't spoil it anymore let's just found out what will happen then...! WELCOME TO MY WORLD! I NEED HELP! I'm having some troubles with the COVER PAGE I don't know how to publish it, I did visit Inkstone already but I didn't find out where to click and publish it. Help me please my future readers☺