The Real Rich Daughter Shocks The World After Being Found Book

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The Real Rich Daughter Shocks The World After Being Found


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The news was that the real daughter of the Bai family, Bai Jin, had been found. This piece of news quickly shook the entire city. However, it somehow looked like this real daughter had mental issues. At her welcoming banquet, she said to her father's big client, "The stars say that you'll only have one son in this lifetime. You said you have two sons, so your wife must have cheated on you." The big client left, cursing. Bai Jin's father was in tears. "The heavens must have replaced my daughter's intelligence with her beauty! Why is she so silly?!" However, soon enough, news of divorce came from that big client's house. Everyone did not understand the truth and only claimed that this lady from the Bai family had destroyed the man's family with a single sentence. She was a scourge. Not only that, after the lady from the Bai family returned, she began to read fortunes, read Fengshui, sell talismans, and catch spirits. At such a young age, everything she did only made others think that she was swindling. Later on, when they heard that this lady had offended the mighty Third Master of the Jiang family, everyone gloated and waited to see Bai Jin at her end. However, they were instead surprised by the announcement of Bai Jin and Third Master Jiang's engagement! The big client whose wife cheated on him came running back and kneeling in front of Bai Jin's door. "Miss Bai is miraculous! My wife really cheated on me, and my second son isn't mine! Please read my fortunes again!" Everyone's jaws dropped.


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