Then all of as want inside the house. we four friends want inside the house all of as sleep in. same room and again sounds us to come

but this time child was there and after see all of this we try to escape form there but we can't escape form there. then we ask form one child that where is your parents.

he ran form there the next day we saw the two man again fighting we say please stop and they listen to as and ask who are you please tell as we can help you. I luv and this is my brother kush if are killed in 2007 think he kill me for my money no he kill me for my money

wait if he killed you then how he died yes you are right.

then how kill as after your dead who came here my friends and family members and one man but we don't know is yes that man is only can tell as that how killed let's find him wait. what happened now I know where That man lives great let's go to his home and ask him yes.

here he use to live knock knock who is here.

sir we want to ask some questions form you please come in sit yes ask on 12 July 2007 you went to this house yes who are you knowing them how are you to ask me this are you police officer no then get out of here luv and kush start the game to whom are talking wait and watch what are you doing stop it OK I will tell you everything yes tell me I like there house ask to here father to sell me that but they then I kill all of them.

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