The Raven Loves A Black Swan
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The Raven Loves A Black Swan


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What is The Raven Loves A Black Swan

The Raven Loves A Black Swan is a popular web novel written by the author ForeverPupa, covering ROMANCE, TRANSMIGRATION, MYSTERY, HISTORICAL, FANTASYROMANCE, FIRSTLOVE, DARKFANTASY, SHAPESHIFTER, ROYALROMANCE, SASSYFEMALELEAD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 33.5K readers with an average rating of 4.98/5 and 25 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 39 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


*** “Let me be your comfort, because I also longed for yours.” *** Anna Moore was a regular young woman, working two jobs to support her sickly mother and little sister. She thought her life would be like this forever until a Fairy Godmother appeared in her dream and offered her a contract. For the prize of 750 thousand dollars, money-driven Anna accepted the offer and transmigrated into the fairy tale of Kingdom Lunaris as the Black Swan. She needed to find the White Swan, the main character of the story, and fulfil her happily ever after ending. Little did Anna know, it wouldn’t be as simple as she expected. Anna’s fate was inexplicably intertwined with that of the Kingdom of Lunaris and its cursed prince. A prince chained and locked away because of his dark power, Prince Corvus Lunaris. Can Anna find the white swan and give her a happy ever after? And what does the dark Prince Corvus have to do with her fate? Together, Anna and Corvus will find the meaning of self-love, acceptance, and how two lonely souls complete each other in solace. -- WSA Entry - Transmigration - Royal Romance +1 Chapter every 100 Powerstones! Please vote with your Power Stones to support this work, more power stones == more chapters! hehe~ -- Original Commissioned Cover.

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Ding Ding Ding! Shameless review passing by! Hehe~ As the basic rule of shameless author 101, I shall put my own review here >//w//< This is a slow burn novel, with many character developments! Please enjoy the story, and thank you for checking the story up! PS: This is another cover serve as an Illustration of Corvus and Anna's first dance under the moon! Original Commissioned by SleepyKola


Me here to support this masterpiece!!! A story that makes you feel as if you were suddenly dropped into a magical land like Disney! The second male lead syndrome is real in this one. I ship her with the brother so much!! All the best to Pupa!!


Wow, I just read the excerpt and my mind's blown away. This just proves my handsome pupa ain't joking this time. For you dear readers hoping for a refreshing plot, you're at the right place, don't look back twice - yes, exactly, come and check out the book. The king of boy's love finally changed his genre and its mind-blowing. Wish I have time to read but this book is definitely staying in my library. I love this😍😍😍😍


Reveal spoiler


Wah! I can already smell a good romance steaming up xD From the first chapter onwards, I could feel the pain of the ML and the sufferings the poor guy had to endure even though none of it was really of his own doing. I am only a few chaps in, so even though I don't have much idea of the future plot, I can confidently say that the romance between the leads would be fulfilling with some drama here and there probably ;) Other than some few hiccups I noticed in the chaps, the chaps were immersive and I am sure the readers would feel as if they were in the novel world. So, take my honest opinion and dive in for an entertaining read [img=recommend]


Already in love with the book so much, as it's dragging me out of my reality, Can't wait to read it further about what happens next!!! Auther-Nim keep goinggg!! Fighting!!!!


YASSS ME LIKEEE DISSS HUEHEHEHHE <3 I felt like I was reading a fairy tale the whole time, but a funny and cute one! :D Meee really like the MC Anna huhehehhehe grab that moneyyyy gurlll yasssss! Get rich! :D Also, all of the characters are charming, even the fairy godmother that only appeared like, twice so far? But lol she's funny me likey HAHA The interaction between the characters are cuteee and especially between the MC and the ML OH GOSHHH MADE ME GRINNNN HUEHEHHEHEHE GREATT WORKK PUPAA BEBBB <3 IM SURE THIS BOOK WILL DO AMAZINGG <3


Here for the author only! My review is 100% biased just because I have not read it. I will still read it but rain check for today. For everyone else, feel free to find your own opinions. As requested by author-kun, I will give my feedback for first 4 chapters on livestream. It's a promise! Also, all the best for the competition but most importantly, have fun ^^ I'm going to be your rival soon! Wait for me!


Reveal spoiler


You did it again author! One Of the most amazing fantasy romance reads I had. I love both characters. The storyline which was deprived from a fairytale just made me love it more. I’m a huge lover of fairy tales and this had caltured my heart completely. I can’t wait to read further. Keep it up, Author!


Reveal spoiler


Holy fucking shit I am absolutely in love with this book. 5 stars! Excellente! EVeryone knows you write one of the best romances and this is no doubt gonna be one of them as well. LOTS OF LOVE!


The world background is solid and the characters stand out more than the usual in fantasy romance novels. It seems pretty good so I will give you 5 stars!!!


YES GIRL GRAB THOSE MONIES! Heh. I really like Anna and her serious attitude to life. But, honestly, I'm here for romance! And I can feel that Prince Corvus is very gentle and warm-hearted on the inside. So shine bright together like this moon on the beautiful cover!


i haven't read yet but Pupa never disappoints so I'll leave a perfect review now ! make sure you peeps read this because you'll regret it if you don't !! go pupaaaa !!!


So excited for this novel!!!! Corvus is just soooo ughhh, I love him already. I love that Anna is such a practical and real person, someone relatable!


This masterpiece is very exciting and dragging me out of my reality .I love how the story goes and made me giggles everytime the scene were with female lead and second male lead.🥳🥳Looking forward for more chapters .😍😍😍


The innocent romance and the magical fairy-tale feel of this novel has me hooked from the very first chapter. Keep it up!


Read one of your books before (renting a boyfriend) and i have to say, your work is fantastic, this hooked me in straight away just like the renting a BF did, Its very descriptive and well written! The characters people can relate on different levels, and i think everyone would love a fairy god mother, this gives me like Disney spin off Cinderella vibes, but in a good way! I cant wait to read more of this. ITs kinda of like Rags to riches, do something and you get something in return :)


This novel looks promising. ThEre’s an air of mystery and fantasy intermixed as the reader reads along. Keep up the good work aUthoR! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


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