The Rares: Blue Moon Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Rares: Blue Moon


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"A child was born with a blessing and curse." Cal Lorraine Vienne has an unknown identity she grow up with her grandma who is raising her alone in the normal world. She isn't normal like the other normies around her she has the ability to see someone else ability and hidden identity. She never thought the day would came that a strange prestigious school named Technoversity would give her a chance to study in the said school. There she met Ash Von Alexander Mauer a Half pureblood vampire who makes her do things she didn't expect and Warren Choi a Werewolf seer who makes her heart skipped a beat. Together they tried to reveal the secrets and mystery that will change their perspectives and questions their loyalty. Will you take the risk to study in this deadly school and be part of the Rare Games? Allow me to tell you the story about the Rare's.


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