1 Lucky bastard

the day before tomorrow ''

as I was walking in our neighbourhood thinking some stuff and remembering the old days I was blocked by someone I knew back in 8th grade

? 'hey look what do we have here, oh! it's luke our old comrade from 9th grade hahaha aren't ya excited tomorrow?

' stop it guys ya'll act so much more miserable now

back then we all just hang around here and act tough infront of everyone 'said luke'

?' pfft you? yes it was back then but you are out of our league now loser hahaha I won't ever forget the most embarrassing moment you've done in the past now get lost!

*that unknown person that once luke' s comrade walks away along with its lackeys *

sigh* I guess that I've lost...

as he slowly walks towards his home he recalls a game that he will probably finish within this night

so he dashed back home and turns on the computer

'ah finally I'm gonna beat this boss out this time

?' luke! dinner's ready! come down here and let's eat

'okay mom just wait a minute and I'll pause this game

said luke

' come down here at once now! or the food might not be hot once you are here ' said luke's mom

' okay okay...

*little did luke knew that in the computer a sudden light envelopes the dark room and rushes out in the open window

after done eating the dinner:

'sweety make sure to pack things up today so you

won't forget something for tomorrow!' said luke's mom

climbs upstairs *'

rogger! ugh now im kinda full but I think that I can definitely defeat this game this time!

*time once said to have stopped as luke was so focused on the game seconds turns into minutes and minutes turns to hours.... and finally after defeating the game luke excitedly shouts 'FINALLY'

random neighbour: SHUT UP ITS ALMOST 12 IN THE MORNING

'oh sorry, my bad


an unknown player has gifted you and gave you a message

'huh what's this? said luke

message content :Hey brother you seem to have completed the game! woohoo congrats!-

' what? how do you know about that??

message content: it's all over the global game notification! I know that you probably will not know me but we will meet again face to face in the future

whether enemies or foe but before that happens let me give you this gift of congratulations

remember to open it only once tomorrow 2pm alright.?

I'm quite busy right now so bye! see ya soon budy

'unknown gift has been sent to your inbox by xxxxxx'

'..... can't even ask another question ughhhh I hope that its money thou I'm almost out of pennies in my wallet and my bank account hasn't even been touched in years oh well I promise you random player gotta sleep now, wait what's the time?

clock:11:59:43 pm

'oh no must pack things up now!

luke didn't forget to pack all of the stuff in his bag and after doing it he then jumps on the bed and sleeps

later that night a light with no known source suddenly lite up in the middle of the woods

?' hmmm.. what's this world I have set foot into?!

date : 08 1 20XX

rays of light shown brightly in the darkness as a day has arrived

' luke wake up! your gonna be late for school it's 9am!

mom said hurriedly

'wha-what? Mom it's literally 5 in the morning.. my alarm hasn't even ring yet oh come on... said luke in a uncomfortable tone

' But now you're awake sweet so go wash up that face!

said luke's mom

'ugh fine mom

'STOP COMPLAINING! mom shouted with an angry voice

30mins later'

'mom I'm all done now ill be heading to school its not that far' said luke

' okay lil potato have you packed you stuff already?' said mom

'yes mom, bye see you this afternoon mom. luke replied

' damn it's literally just 5:43am and class starts at 9 what can I do to waste those hours?. ' luke said while mumbling

as he slowly walk to school he unexpectedly bumped into someone

' so sorry sir'*bows down*

? ' I'll spare your little life this time kiddo, *whispers* time is very precious you know hahaha'...

finally a place where human lifeforms exist

*said while mumbling *

'better be careful now or i might be severely beaten by some thugs around here' said luke to himself

as he slowly walks toward school luke and some passers-by leans their head towards a happening event and it happens to be some thugs and the one that luke just stumbled upon recently.

? 'Hey old man! wanna get beaten to death huh? what are you doing here in our territory? oldie answer me! *leans at the old mans shining watch* hoho here's a deal leave some of your precious belongings and we will spare your life HAHA right guys? *hah Pffft YEAH*

?' if I were you I would be going to school than slacking off and trying to beat this old man' the old man replied with a hint of hostility

'oho so now we're at it

before the thugs fist hits the old man luke who was not that strong defended using both his arms to block the punch

' luke get the heck out of here! this is none of your business!

'shut it Jerry or I might call your dad for this

shouted luke

' lucky old man some weak superhero interups my business, ugh I'm not on the mood because of you! you better pay this humiliation luke or I might beat you a hundred times , ugh let's go brothers' said Jerry irritatingly

*walks away with two of his lackeys *

'*mumbles*so this is how the world works here huh... by the way your courageous acts are quite rare even in the other planets I've visited, say I bet they might thank you for saving their lives cause I might have killed them on the spot' said the old man

'not a problem... sir..' said with an uncertain voice as his mind is dull of confusion about the old has said

'here's a gift worthy of your acts *with a flick of his finger a floating box suddenly appeared out of nowhere * you boy is the first to have this ability

hmm quite lucky indeed,now farewell but I know that soon we'll meet again somewhere.... *suddenly dissappears in the shadows of the alley*

A random passer-by only saw someone unconscious

'hey dude! dude! someone help me get him to the hospital!'

two hours later...

'ugh what happend? what? why am I here? seriously in the hospital? said luke

' you were found unconscious by some stranger good this he's a good samarithan and helped you to get here' replied the nurse

'umm... nurse can you see this ugh floating box or it kinda looks like an icon in games...' said luke with full of questions

'No it might just be your imagination sir'the nurse straight forwardly replied

no.. what is this thing


name: luke⁴¹⁴


level : 1⁴¹⁴


' wait before this... what time is it??.. oh noh*runs towards a nurse* miss what's the time? luke asked

'it's 7:55 am sir' replied the nurse

'oh no I'm gonna be late! just tell my mom about the payment bye! luke hurriedly said

' wait whats your name! *shouted by the nurse*

'our last names Sachie!' luke replied

luckily luke found a taxi when he got out of the hospital and literally arrived just in time before the gate closes...

'quite a lucky one indeed....hmmm are you one of those late students huh? fine then let me add you in my list hehehe' said the guard while laughing weirdly

'hehe maybe but im just late because I was sent to hospital for losing consciousness' luke said awkwardly

'oh hoh? what an interesting fella indeed *scatches neck* so what's the point of having a conversation here? go now quickly before the teachers arrive in their respective rooms!' said quickly by the guard

'wa-wait guard please there's literally 4 students running to get to school don't close it yet! hurriedly said and shouted by a student

because of the guards approval of luke they didn't close the gate yet

' huf.. huff ugh so tired tha-thank you Mr guard for not closing the gate'

'you all are here late because?' asked the guard

one by one the students gave the guard a valid answer

'so it's like that huh? only this time I'll give you this one chance so go now before the teachers arrive! said hurriedly by the guard

?' hmmm.. what's this? 5 students late for the 1st day of class? what are their reasons guards?

'si-sir their reasons are valid and this is my report' said the guard in low confidence

'hmmm is that so? *catches a glimpes of luke daydreaming *. all students that is late for this day let me introduce myself first I am your school principal alejandro tellar, now follow me students follow me...' said principal alejandro

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while no one was looking luke was so baffled by this status icon floating





' wait i haven't noticed this earlier what's this 414 thing? 'mumbled luke

then suddenly his status changed

name:LuKe hp:50

Specie: Half human stamina:20

(Half Dwarf) strength:10

level: 1 speed:5


'Successor ××××'

*random attributes*

'wait what?... hmm let me test some out when I'm all alone later on.' mumbled luke

the students including luke follows the principal,

the principal then asked their names

'Good Morning My Names Shaika Sir'

'I'm luke sir'

'Pleasure To Meet You Mr Principal My Name's James'

'He- uh... sorry My Name Is Chester'

'I'm Charlie,people call me Charles Sir'

'Laurence Mr Principal'

'So what's your dreams' asked the principal

and because of that they talked for awhile and later on arrived at the destination

'I have something important to tell all of you, I have gathered you all here for an important news. Some countries have been wiped out of the map because of these Aliens or so what we can call monsters only a few of them were left because they were ready incase something happened. this isnt what I wanted to disscus students but this is *shows a video of someone creating flames out of nowhere *

all of them were shock and amazed while the principal showed a hint of being scared

after that the principal then sent them to their respective rooms and not much of a coincidence they were all classmates, the teacher scolded them for being so late at his class but then the bell rang

they all ran so that they won't be listening to those rants

'students huh?sigh.. kinda reminds me of my old days' said the teacher

it was already recess luke still didn't know that he was chosen as a successor of someone powerful

they were given responsibilities to find people that have been gifted 6 of them splits into 3 groups

to find someone suspicious but then

an earthquake with no warning suddenly began

rumbles* rumbles*

at the same time a giant obelisk from a giant crack emerged at the back of the school then the earthquake stops rumbling almost every student was in a state of panic but some did the unthinkable

they began walking closer in this obelisk but was blocked by an unknown barrier

one of the student tried to warn those that got near the obelisk

?' what if I don't huh? would there be an alien coming out of this thing? huh?

what the student saw was a man suddenly got out of the obelisk full of wounds he was shouting.. shouting like crazy maybe from a different language he was shouting... thankfully some students rushed bravely to help the injured man but then one by one they all kept coming out different faces with sever wounds that looks like bite marks and scratches

they were all treated by some students in training

unbeknownst a girl ran in a opposite direction seems like she wanted to get out of the school by going at the exit but was stopped by a familiar man

to be continued...

(Sachie 幸 means "happiness, good luck" and 枝 (e) meaning "branch" or 恵 (e) meaning "favour, benefit". Other kanji combinations can also form this name) source google😸

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