3 Trouble in Milbourn

After getting into the wagon I sat on the edge trying to keep a distance from Mr.Layton despite how handsome he looked, he was equally as gruff and scary. He drove the team in silence keeping his eyes straight ahead while I looked at the beautiful fields on wheat and on the mountain side there was hills with some wild flowers and trees with leafs of all colors that were vibrant. While I was engulfed in the beauty and how good it felt to finally feel the warm sun in the middle of the day the wagon must have hit a big rock that jerked my body off the seat just before I fell to the ground I felt an arm grab tightly around my arm pulling me against what felt like a rock. Still in shock I didn't know what to say but I didn't need to because before I could say anything Mr.Layton angrily "Why are sitting on the edge of the wagon like that, do you want to die!?" Seeing the girl looked petrified at what had happened he pulled the reins for the team to stop, taking in a deep breath to calm down "I'm sorry I didn't mean to raise my voice, I just don't want you to get hurt on my account" hearing this the girl softened her grip she had on his arm not realizing she had been gripping onto him she slowly made some distance between them but stayed away from the edge. "Thank you, I wasn't paying attention" she said it in such a melancholy tone he knew it had probably remind her of the incident that had occurred just a few weeks ago. "Did the Marshal catch the men who killed your parents?" Knowing the questions he asked were less than sensitive to her feelings it was something he was used to after all he was a U.S. Marshall for 15 years before he came to settle on the farm.

"No, and I wish to not talk about it anymore" was all she said before looking away from him. Accepting that she didn't want to talk about it they rode quietly the rest of the way to town. As they came into town there was a sign "Milbourn" followed by houses and stores on both sides of the street.

There weren't many homes they passed between Mr.Layton's farm and town but it would be nice to have some time away from people. The wagon pulled in front of a building that had some dresses in the window and some quilts on the other side.

"Well don't just sit there, we've got work that needs done. Hurry and get what you need and get back out" she went to get down when he grabbed her by the waist and helped her down from the wagon. She felt a little dizzy being so close to him, not only because she could get lost in his eyes, but she has never had a man aside from her father be so close. Without another word she quickly went into the store to look at what they had.

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"Well hello there, I don't believe I've seen you before" a plumper older women with grey and white hair had greeted her with a beautiful and warm smile that could make anyone want to smile back. "Hello my names Nora, I'm new in town I am working out at Mr.Laytons farm" the lady gave her a smile before saying "Oh he is handsome isn't he, I can't believe he finally accepted anybody to help him, after his mother passed away the only living family hes got left is a. brother in-law and nephew who live in town, his sister died giving birth. Since then he hasn't come to any of the social events or even to church." Nora frowned not realizing he had lost someone dear to him recently as well. "My name is Mrs.Williams but you can call me Audrey." She bowed her head with a slight smile as she continued to look around the store before deciding on 2 pair of high waisted jeans and a new blouse.

"Thanks for your help Mrs. Audrey, I hope to see you again" she smiled before climbing back into the wagon while Mr.Layton paid Mrs.Audrey for the clothes. Walking out of the store he was knocked unsteady by a man who bumped into him. Mr Layton steadied his footing before turning to see who just barreled into him. He had never seen the man before "Watch where your going, I could shoot you for getting in my way" the man had a bottle of whiskey in his hand and had already drunk half the bottle before noon. Mr Layton not wanting to cause trouble after looking at the man, went to walk to his wagon when the man grabbed his arm "Are you deaf!? Arent you gonna day your sorry to me" Ben was bigger than this man and if he knew what was good for him he would keep walking but not hearing Ben say a word the other man broke the bottle over his head. I screamed in horror as the bottle had drawn blood on his forehead but it didn't even phase Ben, he punched the man one time before he stumbled back onto the ground. The man stayed there with a dizzy spell as he tried to gather himself off the ground. Before he could get up or say anything Mr.Layton was already in the wagon and whipped the reins on the horses to head for home.

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