5 Sleepless Nights

The first nights weren't very warm and the bed wasn't much better. After a week I was slowly adjusting to the new life I would live, atleast for the time being until I saved up enough money to leave. For now I was gratefulI to have my own private space and food in my belly. The adjustment from home has been hard. The noises at night and the darkness creeping in scares me but not as much as the nightmare that keeps playing over and over in my head until I wake up in a cold sweat. There I am in the wagon with the few belongings I packed along for the journey to build our new home. Sitting in the wagon mother and I talked about what we thought the town would be like, and if the people would be friendly.

"Oh I do hope you will meet someone to wed"

Feeling my heart skip at the thought of finding the one was something I had thought about lately after my best friend Betty got married to John. The wedding was simple and wonderful, seeing how much they loved and cared for each other.

"Mother I really hope so, I hope there are some boys around my age, maybe I'll get married next" the thought drifted into day dreaming before hearing father, "You two stop talking nonsense, my little girl doesn't need to go running off with no boys!" He had always wanted the world for his little girl.

"Now Charles she isn't a baby anymore, you try and hold onto her any longer and she will end up a spinster. Every girl has a right to fall in love and I wish the same for our daughter"

Just as I teased and talked back and forth with my parents is when horses were heard riding up, at first everything was fine but then the man tried to grab me from the wagon. The smell of whiskey and sweat reeked on him with an ugly scar going from his right eye down to his jaw bone where the hair of his scruffy beard didn't grow. Terrified I tried to get away but couldn't! I screamed over and over at the top of my lungs "NOO!! Let go of me!"

Ben heard the screams from in the house and put his pants on running out the back door before her could get a shirt. Getting to the girls cabin he flung the door open and went to where she laid on the bed. She was have a nightmare and he shook her lightly to wake her.

"Nora! Nora, your okay, it's just a dream" waking up to see Ben grabbing me and the vivid dream fresh on my mind I knew I must have screamed in my sleep. Sitting up I realized he wasn't wearing a shirt and my cheeks burned red, right now I was glad it was so dark so he didn't see the state I was in.

"I'm sorry Ben, I didn't mean to wake you"

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"What was your dream about? I have an extra bed in the spare room if you want to sleep there tonight" hearing the offer she didn't want to stay out here alone, after the flash backs of seeing the scar face man.

"If that's alright with you, I think I might sleep a little better knowing I wasn't alone" wondering if it was appropriate to take him up on the offer, it wasn't like they were sleeping in the same bed.

"Of course, I don't want to have to run out here all over again."

We walked back to the house with only the small light that came from the moon. Once we made it to the back door, Dog jumped eagerly to see Nora and just as she was walking in the dog jump up putting his paws on her shoulders and knocked her backwards in Ben.

"Nora you need to tell him to stay down or he is going to take you down, your practically the same size as him" she felt embarrassed that the large dog really was to heavy to handle, his weight alone almost made her fall down to her knees even during the day when she was prepared for him to greet her excitedly.

"I'm sorry again Mr.Layton, if you don't mind showing me to the room so I can get some rest before morning comes" somehow she kept falling into this mans grips and it flustered her to no end the way her body acted when she hardly even knew who he was.

"It's through that door there and the bathroom is in the corner there with some fresh water if you need, I'll just be in my room if you need anything... goodnight Nora"

He walked to his room before she could move. After getting into his room to try and clear the thoughts in his mind. Had she not realized the night gown she was wearing that shown her silhouette clearly with the small light the lamp shown. Then her falling into me, feeling the silky material *sigh* shaking the thoughts out of his mind he needed to keep it strictly work and stay away from any ideas with her.

Nora had gone to the room to find a cute room that had a homey vibe with the bed being bigger than the one she had been sleeping in. She slid into the blankets and felt engulfed in the bed, it was comfy, and much softer like her old one before they moved. Before long she was sleeping peacefully

Morning came as it usually had hearing the rooster crow, and the sun beaming through the windows. Even after last nights horrible dream, I felt so refreshed sleeping in a comfortable bed. Although standing up, I hadn't thought about bringing my clothes for today. With the nightgown I had on I couldn't just walk out in the day light it would show through my thin material. Running through my thoughts and ideas I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around me as a I would a towel and began to walk out of the room. The kitchen was filled with the smell of sausage and biscuits as Ben had already been up for awhile.

"Good morning Nora I wanted to go over the chores that will need done today" as he turned around and saw her he almost let out a laugh as he began to hold his grin from showing to much. She looked silly trying to hold the blanket around her and barely being able to walk. Maybe she wouldn't care so much if she already knew I saw pretty well last night what she had on.

"Good morning Ben I just need to go get dressed and I will be right back" without a reply she started out the back door, and to her cabin.

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