2 Learning My Chores

Wanting to prove to be a hard worker to keep a roof over my head, I pushed my thoughts away and took the bucket over to the cow. Trying not to be scared I sat down on the small stool and put the bucket under the bag. Placing my hand on the utter I tried to squeeze again and again..... cursing myself for taking this job as no milk came out. Pulling a few more times with no luck and the strange feeling of the cow in my hand I let the frustration show not only feeling nervous as he stood over me watching.

"You have to go to the top, and squeeze gently as you pull down. Not hard, or you'll just wear it out, and get no milk" following his direction I put my hand at the top and gripped firmly but with ease and started as he said.

When the milk fell into the bucket, I was tickled pink to hear the sound smiling big, but when I looked up at Mr.Layton he had a gruff expression on his face.

" Don't look so excited you still have an empty bucket, and just how much do you know about being on a farm!?" Hearing his words were gruff she quickly turned to face him

"Practically none, I have raised chickens and been around horses but I don't know much more than that. I'll work hard and I learn fast, so I don't appreciate you being gruff with me" she said it with more sass in her voice than she had intended and seeing his face glaring at her made her almost fall to the ground. How could such beautiful blue eyes look so fierce, he walked over to the stall where a beautiful white Appaloosa horse was, he was a large strong looking horse that had a beautiful strawberry blonde mane.

"What are you doing? Aren't you going to say anything?"

He kept walking toward the horse and began blanketing the horse

" Reverend Michael told me you had experience on a farm and I don't have the time to baby sit you while you try and learn" his words were harsh and stuck instant fear. My only options in town was to be a washer maid at the Inn or be a line cook for the local saloon and neither one were good options. Especially the men that were in the bar who felt like their eyes went through me when they all stared.

"P-please! I will work hard and I can learn fast, I know to cook and clean, and I can make sure to feed the animals to but please....your my only hope" she sat slumped feeling like all the hope she had left had run out of her body. He could see she looked like a scared puppy that didn't know where to go, he heaved a sigh as he couldn't help but feel badly for her. "Fine but you will get paid half of what we agreed, when you came here" watching him walk out of the barn she turned and continued to milk the cow.

Finally after spending an hour or more, she had finished filling up 2 buckets of milk. Carrying them back to the house when the white and brown mutt cane running at her knocking her over with the bucket of milk going all over her. The dog continued to jump and lick all over her as she tried to yell and hold it away from her. The man came running out of the house towards her only to realize there was no danger but that that Dog had gone and knocked over the girl. He huffed as he thought about how such a small thing couldn't hardly get the work done that was the life of the farm. Nora looking up at the sound of the foot steps and stood up quickly while trying to brush her pants off.

"I'm really sorry Mr.Layton I finished milking the cows and when I was walking back that thing attacked me, I didn't mean to spill the milk" the man stood there blankly observing the wet white blouse that was sticking on her skin. Then turning to should Dog for jumping on the girl.

"Go get changed we have more work to get done" before he could say anymore she quickly walked towards her little cabin to change. Getting out of the wet clothes was a challenge as the milk had made her feel sticky. Looking through her bag the only other thing she had was a dress since when she nannied she would always wear her dress and apron. Having no other option she wiped down with a wet rag and put the dress on. Walking back on the path to find Mr.Layton, but she wished she hadn't because upon him seeing me he looked annoyed. "What are you wearing? You can hardly work in that, go change into pants before you ruin it." Not knowing why he even cared if she ruined her dress or not, he was surprised for her to tell him. "I'm sorry Mr.Layton I don't own another set of pants" already knowing he was annoyed by her response. "Fine we will go into town where you can get another pair and it will be taken out of your wages, now go get ready to leave" she didn't say anything and gave a quick nod to follow behind him getting the horses ready before they would leave in the wagon.

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