2 Chapter Two:

"You look a bit sick. Are you okay, Goblin?" 

He turns away from me and strides to the couch in my living room. 

I raise an eyebrow at his behaviour but let it slide. At least for now. I'm mostly distracted by him sitting in that particular spot.

It was her favourite place to be, right beside the window. To watch birds fly over the lake, their reflection moving over the mirror-like waves beneath them. She liked to feel the breeze right at dawn's welcome, the cold gathering over her pale cheeks. I could almost feel my eyes turn his figure into hers.


My previous servant.

My love for her was platonic, of course. Almost familial. She always wanted to be free, but never asked me for it. And I didn't have the heart to say the words she always wanted me to say. I'm sure it broke her spirit knowing this. But I was selfish. I turn back to the handsome creature, my eyes watching for any changes in behaviour.


His eyes dart about the room in awe, and then they meet my silver gaze. 

"It's been a long time since that's happened," he says, his voice higher at the end.


"Nevermind," he mutters, a disappointed look on his face.

I don't question him further and instead move to the couch. He quickly stands and gives me his best glare. If looks could kill, I'd be dead the moment he stepped onto the auction stage. That gaze of his is like a shield, guarding whatever is beneath those beautiful orbs of his. I raise an eyebrow at his apparent anger and disgust towards me.

"Are you hungry, Goblin?"

He raises his lips to snarl at me but stops when a very loud and muffled whine comes from his stomach. He steps back away from me and clenches his fists.

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"I will have dinner started. Your room is down the hall to the left. Feel free to  make yourself at home," I smirk when he only hisses at me in response. What a sweet servant I have.

He does not move from his spot, and instead stares at me, and quite obsessively might I add. I start chopping vegetables as I prepare our dinner. He's still staring at me, but I pay no mind to it. If this is how he wishes to gain my trust, then so be it.

I stir the boiling stew in the iron cauldron and smell the savoury scent flowing from the pot. I move to set the table and add bowls of chopped fruit from my garden. He eyes my movements with deep regard, and I finally give him a response.

"You can see me closer at the table. Sit down," I smirk when his amber eyes widen in disbelief. He raises his mouth and shows me his large fangs. His mouth resembles a cat, sharp and pointy, able to tear flesh like butter. For some reason, I am not afraid. I should be though. Goblins were known to be fearsome beings. But this one...

He's like an angry kitten.

I bring our bowls of stew to the table and set them down. He looks at the food in disdain.

"I don't want your food," he shoves the bowl so hard that most of it spills onto the table. He does not seem to care, however, yet his stomach does.

The whines grow louder each second, and I know he won't last for long pulling this wild card.

"Then don't eat. I'm not forcing you," I shrug. I bring the spoon to my lips and gently blow the steam off the portion of stew. I look up and see his eyes glaring at me, or specifically the spoon.

"Do you want me to feed you?" I almost laugh when he hisses at me.

"Such a baby," I shake my head and then close my mouth over the spoon.

I sit in silence as I eat, and scrape the last contents of the bowl onto the spoon. Once done, I stand and place the dishes into the sink. This time he refuses to look my way.

I decide to leave the dishes for the morn.

"As I've said, your room is down the hall to the left. If you truly are hungry, eat the stew," I point towards the cauldron.

"Also, if you dont offer up your name, I'll have to keep calling you Goblin."

He ignores me.



I roll over on my silk sheets and stare at the ceiling. I can hear the loon birds singing on the lake from the open window.

I roll over and make my way towards my bedroom door. It's been locked and spellbound. I wouldn't trust my new servant to not slit my throat in the night. Just extra precautions.

When my eyes find the kitchen I stop all movements.

It's spotless.

All the dishes have been cleaned, and even his mess on the table. I am so shocked I dont hear movement behind me.

A very loud and annoyed grunt catches my attention.

He stands there behind me, his long black hair no longer in a braid but up in a pony tail. It is silky smoothe, and so long it almost touches the floor.

"You cleaned up the kitchen?" I almost whisper.

He does not answer and instead makes his way towards the front door.

"Where do you think you're going?" I say, placing my hands on my hips. He turns and gives me a blank stare.



He sighs, "outside."

I ignore his arrogant responses. "You aim to escape here?"

"How can I escape when I do not know where I am?"

"Why did you clean the kitchen?" I want to know if he did it because he felt some form of guilt for treating me so harshly. All I've done is treat him like a guest, but come to think of it...

Does he know who I am?

"You are disgusting cretin, that's why," he glares and shakes his head at me.

"Oh, how thoughtful," I roll my eyes.

He stares at me, a blank expression on his face. Why is he looking at me like that?

"You are a fool," he says.

"Why, thank you," I smirk when he snarls in response.

"Stupid nymph," he opens the door and I follow, my silk grey robe flowing at my feet. I grin. He doesn't know who I am. Or what I am.

I walk behind him silently, but he doesn't appear to care. He only moves towards the lake, taking long strides. He's not only beautiful from the front, but quite lovely from the back. I admire his tight, round behind in his black breeches. His black cape is off his person, probably in his room. He wears a grey shirt that holds tight to his abdomen.

I am both confused and disgusted at my response to his body. He is a different species! I lick my lips and watch as he starts taking off his shirt.



"What are you doing?"

He doesn't look at me and instead starts to undo his breeches from their clasp.

"Bathing. Do you watch all your servants bathe?"

My cheeks heat tremendously, silver eyes widening in embarrassment.

"I have a bathing area in the house!"

"So you'd prefer to watch me bathe inside then?" The smirk on his face is not a playful one. I can tell he's not being friendly just by his expression. His words are sarcastic and embarrassing, but he's doing it to make me uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. As if he's implying I took him as my servant for nightly duties. As if I'm forcing myself on him.

"How dare you say such a thing!" This time I am angry--partly because I had been ogling him previously. The guilt slams into me, and his words only put salt in my wounds.

"You're the one watching me take my clothes off," he shrugs.

"That is completely untrue," I say, folding my arms over my chest.

He shakes his head and starts pulling his pants down. This time I turn my back on him and head towards the house.

Goddess: 0         

Goblin: 1

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