1 Prologue

In most love stories, the monster would be a man and fall in love with either a princess or a fair maiden. Sweeping them off of their feet and terrorizing them in his own home, castle, or domain of any kind of building. It sounds like the classic fairy tales that you would normally hear from a story or over the news. Whenever a story or news come about a female monster having a man captive, the female monster would succumb to the man and seduce him. Not in this story, it is about a female monster who wasn't given a human man to love and not anyone to love. With a human to love, monsters would normally show off their abilities to either show off or to protect.

Most abilities from monsters would be super strength, speed, being able to use to their senses, flight, ability to heal, and many more abilities that are very common to normal love stories. Abilities that are not normally common is controlling someone's dreams and their blood. Those abilities were lost to time until one day a woman known as Regina became the first known female monster to control any kind of creatures dreams and blood.

Regina was called the Mistress of Torture. She used her powers to make every human suffer even while she was gaining power. From evening till dusk, Regina would use her powers for evil til one day, she met her own lover. His name was Frederick. Just like Regina who could create chaos in dreams, Frederick could do the same thing.

The duo fell into a deep love that have lasted. They killed off an entire village, cursed people in their dreams, and they even cured each other's broken and empty hearts. Frederick and Regina gotten married in a cemetery than one day, Regina found herself pregnant with Frederick's child. The new found parents took on extra precautions so that their child would carry on with their deeds once they pass. Carrying on with their legacy.

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12 months passed since Regina has been found pregnant. During the 12 months, the new found parents were worried that there was no child since Regina's uterus didn't grow like a female human's uterus would grow. While walking to a dark blue dull painted bathroom, Regina gave up on trying to have a child as she didn't believe that she was pregnant until she felt something break and blood began to pour out of her just as a waterfall coming down a mountain as a fast moving pace.

Regina screamed in pain as she fell onto the ground. Her body was becoming weak as she felt her body not being able to control her blood and her movements while screaming for her husband. Hoping and praying that he doesn't try to kill whatever is coming out of her body. Frederick came running from the living room to see his wife screaming in bloody murder. The blood was making long spider legs out of Regina's bottom. As each spider leg was coming out as it was tearing through Regina; tearing apart her bones, muscles, and tissues. The spider legs began to crawl out as it was forcing out a young infant girl. Blood covered the infants dark purple hair was noticeable as the blood continued to force her out. Once the young girl was fully forced out, the spider legs cuts off the cord that was attached to the young girl's belly button and the legs crawled back into Regina's destroyed body. Her eyes were wide for she knew that she didn't push the child out on her own. Her body was forced to push out the infant without mercy. Her eyes move to the young girl before her cough as some green stuff came out. Her body felt numb as she looks up at Frederick who looks down at her. His eyes showing little to no emotions...

Regina's body became weak as she lies against the wall behind her. Her long dark purple scrunches up as she slides a bit onto ground. Feeling more of her body tear itself apart even more by just moving. Her hands were becoming numb as her pale skin began to fade into grey. Her blood was turning against her as she breathes out her final breath while choking on air, "Lin... Linda..." She gives off a smile as she looks at Frederick who was bending down to pick up their daughter then holds her close to his chest, "Her name is Linda..." She closes her evil red eyes as her final breath came out. Leaving Frederick to take care of the young girl now named Linda. Not knowing what fate has in store for Linda...

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