The Pursuit of Zenith
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The Pursuit of Zenith


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What is The Pursuit of Zenith

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The Way has been reopened, and with it the potential of the heroes – and villains – who set foot in this Sacred World. The goals of those who come here are as numerous as their potential, but one thing is for sure; the mystery of this world’s ability to foster growth will only be solved upon reaching its Zenith. *** Along with a rapid boom in deep dive technology, the VRMMORPG game: Zenith, became the most well known and talked about of it's kind. From among it's first players came a Guild called Broken Dawn. The leading team was so well known that when a Professional League for the Arena was founded, it's members were scouted, and even today they are well-known and skilled players. Among them is the player Aiden Striker, whose game character Dashing Dawn is also known as The Blade Saint. A player who despite his continued stellar performance in training, is suddenly losing in professional games. Aiden is forced onto a break to seek answers for his current state, and who better to seek out than the Guild Master who first made him great? Kaedi Grace is a terrible player. But she's done remarkably well for herself as a Guild Master. That is until her Guild up and left her in the dust. Now she struggles to pay the rent of her apartments both in the game and the real world, all while ensuring that the biggest secret she's ever found in Zenith is kept a secret. That is, right up until an old Guild Mate suddenly turns up on her doorstep asking for help - and completely oblivious to the fact that the Guild they once started together no longer exists. A lot has happened in the 7 years Aiden has been playing in the Professional League. Enough for him to forget just how fun and complex Zenith can be outside of the Arena. Now that he has found his oldest friend and first Guild Master in such a state, he can't just leave her behind. Not a second time. In this game, everyone has a goal with different paths to take and roles to play, but the endgame has always been the Zenith.


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looks quite promising. refreshing we dont have a MC reincarnated out for revenge with superhuman knowledge about the future. ofcause we have the classic never discovered before quests, that everyone appearently miss, and lots of bonuses to a new character, so they are OP from start. But it is at least currently kept at the downlow at the moment, which is nice (one title and one hidden Quest) so hopefully MC dont just breeze through everything in the future cant wait to follow and see the story arc with Sunny and if he was hold back, because he had lost passion for the game


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