This is the story of a young boy who becomes horrible than Satan himself

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2 Chs


Lucifer Apollyon Asmodeus was the name of an unfortunate kid. You could say he was named by Satan himself. His mother was an ex-nun from a catholic church. She strongly believed in God and Satan, she believed that God was all good and Satan was all bad, That all the good things in life was God and all the bad things in life were Satan. Amil Jefferson was her name, her name means "ONE WHO HOPES" her parents called her that since they needed a lot of hope since they were young when they had Amil.

They lived in a small rented house in New Jersey, they were poor and her dad was too egoist and did not like to live in poverty. he wanted to be free, so he left her and her mother. Her mother was hurt by this and did not want her child to think the worse of the world so she taught her how to pray and that if she believed enough all her problems can be gone but if she doesn't believe the opposite will happen to her. She took the words of her mother to heart and never stopped believing. When she was 16 years old her mother died out of hunger since she always fed her instead of herself.

Her mothers death really affected her and thought that she wasn't believing enough, so she decided to get a job at a catholic church. She loved the idea of leaving her tiny rented house and instead be working and living in the house of God. The leader priest said she could move in and stay in the church, but in return still will have to work for them. They will pay her little to barely money because they provide food and housing for her, but enough for her to buy what she needs or save the money.

A couple of days passed and Amil couldn't help but feel watched everywhere she went,everything she did she felt watched. she was in the church library she was fixing the books and bibles when she saw a really old book whose title said "HUMANS TRUE NATURE" she felt intrigued by reading it, even though she couldn't it was forbidden to her since the leader priest had told her that the books were only for leader priests like himself. She was too pressured to read it, her impulse took over her and she stole it even though that doing so shell be committing a sin. On her way out she couldn't help but feel like somebody was watching her even though she couldn't see anybody near. She went to her room taking the book with her.After a while one of the nun servants told Amil that the leader priest wanted to see her in his office, She was startled by her words so she hurried and hid the book under her bed and went outside her room anxious.

She was afraid, afraid that the leader priest had noticed a book had disappeared from the church library and thought it was her. She reluctantly went to the priest's office with big fear on what was going to happen next.


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