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The Psychomancer[PAUSED]


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What is The Psychomancer[PAUSED]

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A con artist at the end of his lifeline was seated on an electric chair with both hands cuffed to the armchair unmoving. After the excruciating pain subsided, the first thing Walter saw in front of his closed eyes was a string of words that will either be a curse-like gift or a gift-like curse. [Mind Mastery Lv.2] The second life of the world's renowned grifter unfolds. *** Hello guys, this is my first novel here! Current schedule of the novel is 3 chapters/week. Any long term changes to the schedule will be posted here while short term changes will be posted on latest chapter. Since english is my second language, any mention of grammatical errors and the like are very much appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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I have to say that this is a good book if the author did not pause it if they would continue writing I might give them a better rating but that's only if they unpause it.


Really exciting start! The writing quality is pretty good ( For an original on this site its probably among the best few so far ) so keep that up. Love the characters up till now, I'm able to see more than one side to the protagonist at least. Story development is nice, its good to see that this system doesn't seem to be dominating the chapters. I gave 4 stars to stability of updates and world background only because its too early for me to actually judge them, but I consider these along with writing quality the 3 most important thing in a novel, so I'm sure if you keep up the steady release of updates/week and the english used, all you need is a carefully planned out and vividly described world, to have a winner! Good Luck!


It’s actually really good believe it or not it could use some minor work but so far it’s great keep up the work👍🏾......................................


This seems really interesting an I really look ford to see where this is heading so keep the chapters coming please 😇😇😇😇😇😇


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