The Prophesied Spirit I : The Spirit Reborn Book

novel - Fantasy

The Prophesied Spirit I : The Spirit Reborn



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Millenniums ago, during The Great War, sorcerers, vampires, demons and werewolves were on the verge of extinction. To uphold power over all, the sorcerer king Agares gave into darkness and made a pact with the Devil himself! Together, they forged a all-powerful soul, the legendary dark soul of power, possessing unlimited powers. But before Agares could use it to enslave all the races, God sent His Holy Spirit, the Osiris to destroy him. The Osiris destroyed Agares and his minions and took away the soul with him. Millenniums later, Agares returns and with the help of several dark entities seek to gain his treasured soul. But the Osiris is also reborn as a human, to stop Agares and his allies. The naive human is unaware of its destiny and the dangers that lies ahead. Should he fail to fulfill his destiny, everything would perish


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