1:- Public Execution

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Phill Empire was filled with humans. The Empire's Royal Family, Phill family ruled over three Kingdom. At the center of the Empire was the imperial Capital city (Capital city) expanding over thousands of miles. It had huge thick walls surrounding it from all directions which seemed like they could even stop Titans(theoretically).

At the center of the city there was a majestic palace which stood as a mountain with it's tip touching the clouds. The city has 6 entrance gates and many Noble houses as well as various guild/association's headquarters scattered in whole city. Though the city has the capabilty of holding more than a few 100 million citizens but it only contains around 15-20 million people.

Year 06987;

At the west side of the Capital city there was a huge arena. Even calling it huge maybe insulting it as it was capable of holding more than 30 million normal people with every Noble House having it's own platform with high end decorations, there were even some platforms for distinguished guests. All in all it was a grand arena.

The entrance of the arena was 10 meter high and 6 meter long. At the top of it's entrance gate there was a board hung with some word written on it in red color reading 'EXECUTION ARENA'.

This was an arena made for public execution and it was necessary for all citizens of Capital city and the kings of the three Kingdoms to be present if there was any execution taking place.

Today was one of those days as everyone commoner was present at the spectators seat. Everyone was waiting for the big shots to come and be done with this shit.

Suddenly there was a glow on the one of the guests platform and a bright magic circle formed and a figure of a beautiful woman with pale skin emerged from the magic circle. Having cold blue eyes with bluish long hair reaching her waist, she appeared to be in her 30's and was wearing a white robe with red linings which had an image of small owl at the right chest. She had a wand in her hand which was around 1/2 meter long, sharp at it's end point while flat like a plate on the top supporting an white orb whit a golden hue. She had an aura around her which made everyone look away from.

After her appearance there were more and more magic circles on some other guest platforms and Noble House Platforms.

After appearing on their respective platform they bowed their head in the direction of the top most platform with a throne on it. Seeing them bowing like that the whole crowd kneeled down on one leg with there heads down towards the same direction as if waiting for something.

After what seemed like few minutes everyone heard a majestic voice full of authority.

"Everyone, stand up."

Hearing this voice the blue colored woman flinched and the coldness in her eyes were replaced by anger as she looked towards the place where the voice came from.

At the highest platform, on the throne of what seemed made up of jade with various precious gems embedded on it, there sat a man with golden eyes filled with cunningness. His hairs which were blond in color seemed to be perfectly combed backwards. His face had a horse shoe mustache with soul patch. He was wearing a golden colored robe with red linings at it's borders. His fingers were covered in various rings.

No one knew how did he arrive there. It was like he came out of thin air.

After hearing his word everyone stood up, raised their head, brought their hands upwards and shouted together...

"Long live Emperor Martin Phill" "Long live Phill Empire".

"Long live Emperor Martin Phill" "Long live Phill Empire".

"Long live Emperor Martin Phill" "Long live Phill Empire".

They shouted this 3 time and after that they sat on there respective seats.

Seeing this there appeared a satisfied smile on the Emperor.

He scanned his citizens with calm and cunning eyes which turned into lust and possessiveness when he saw the blue haired beauty which he hid quickly which didn't go unnoticed by her as she was looking in his direction.

Smiling slightly he spoke in the same majestic tone still filled with authority again..

"AH! It seems Fairy Xue of Pion Academy has arrived earlier than this Emperor, forgive this Emperor for not noticing you Fairy Xue, you should come and have seat beside this Emperor."

Hearing that someone from Pion Academy was here the crowd began murmuring to each other. There was even sound coming from the Noble platforms.

Seeing him talking to her the blue haired beauty's(Fairy Xue's) anger grew more, but she calmed herself down and replied with a cold tone " There is no need for the Emperor to be concerned about my comfort. I'm just here to see if execution is done or not on the behalf of the school."

Seeing that she rejected his offer he didn't grew angry. He just smirked and clapped his hand twice as if giving some orders.

Suddenly the gates of the north side of arena was opened. From it came three people. One was a short plump man which seemed to be in his 50's having a nasty smile on his fat face. With him there was a big bald man around 2 meter in height, having a bald with a scary scar on his right cheek. Behind them was a girl, around the age of 17 . wearing ragged white cloth with several patches. She had black colored emotionless eyes which appeared to have lost all lives in them. She had scarlet unkempt hair, some scattered on her face. Her body was so thin as though it was only bones covered with skins with no flesh in between them.

After they came at the center of the arena, the plump man took out some sort of parchment out of nowhere and started reading

" Name : Daisy Scarlett

Age : 18 yrs

Crime : Treason

Punishment : Public Execution

there are various proof that the Noble House i.e the Scarlett House has betrayed it's Empire and has been acting as a spy for our enemy nation, Rose Empire. After being found guilty Duke Bill Scarlett has refused to give in, and thus was executed on the spot by the blood guards of the imperial Palace. After the death of Duke Scarlett his entire family was killed with the exception of Daisy Scarlett, the adoptive daughter of Duke Scarlett. After being interrogated she was also found guilty thus to serve as a warning to all those who have any idea of betraying this Empire she was sentenced to be executed publicly."

after reading the whole stuff he gave a nod to the big guy with an axe over his back who seemed to be the executioner.

Seeing the fatty nodding towards him, he pulled Daisy forward and made her kneel on both of her knees. After that he brought his hand towards his axe and pulled it up above his head in a pose to strike.

Seeing this many people closed their eyes and some children started to cry. Almost all guardians of small children closed their child eyes with their own hands.

While all this happening Daisy Scarlett was reminiscing her whole life.

She wasn't named Daisy Scarlett on her birth. Her birth mother named her Lily and she inherited her father's surname Brown which was common thing. Though her father always wasted his gambling and visiting brothels, she had a wonderful life as her mother was an Adept Rank healer Mage and worked as a helper in the hospital. She earned enough money through which they can live without worrying for food or clothes.

But good days always end early as her mother suddenly felled ill. She went to almost every high rank Healer that can be accessed by normal citizens, but none of them were able to cure her mother. After being ill for few weeks she died.

After her mother's death her father sold her to some underworld thugs who were spies of Rose Empire. She was supposed to be transported to the Rose Empire with some other unfortunate children, but was saved by Duke Scarlett. She doesn't know what he saw in her but after bringing back every child to an orphanage he adopted Lily. After being adopted by Scarlett House she changed her name to Daisy Scarlett. Her life was going smoothly afterwards. She even had good talent in magic as she was already a Adept Rank Fire Mage at the age of 16. though not a thousand year prodigy, she was still considered a genius in the Pion Academy. She even found someone she love.

Remembering the love of her life she just wanted to kill him and his whole family as he was the reason she was in this state and her whole family was killed.

The person she loved was the son of Duke Martin, Max Martin. They were even engaged after their families found about them in love together. They were supposed to get married after their graduating from the academy, but everything changed when the Emperor came to know about an ancient sacrifice ritual in the possession of Duke Scarlett which can allow him to easily ascend to a saint. He asked Duke Scarlett to give him the ritual methods, but Duke Scarlett refused as he knew the price of performing the Ritual. This made king angry and he conspired with Duke Martin to kill Duke Scarlett and offered a princess's hand for Max in marriage which Duke Martin immediately agreed as the difference between a Duke's daughter and an Emperor's daughter is too huge.

They used Max's status as Daisy's fiance and got some illegal stuffs in the Scarlett mansion which lead to the destruction of the whole Scarlett family.

While remembering the last few days of her captivity as she was r***d almost daily in the dungeon cells, she started to hate her life and didn't wanted to live anymore. All she wanted was to enter in Eternal Sleep. And with a sound of something cutting through the air her wish came true as she blacked out or that's what she thought.