590 The Princess and The Serpent

As the black dragon released from his cage the world swallow by the darkness, the godsend the Lucient child to pierce the Dragon heart with the might god sword, the blood of Lucient would cast the darkness and bring the light but beware of the old serpent lurking in the shadow waiting patiently for the pure soul of the heaven child lost in confusion. 

"What are you reading?"

"Oh, Fred" Lucas lift his head briefly then he closes the book and sighs "Nothing, it just a book that mother left for us"

Fredhard lifts one of the old books on the table and mutters "Hm, so many old books….And no one could read it but you and Lory"

"My mother is always mysterious, she has more knowledge than Father ever be," Lucas smile in melancholy, the library feel even more empty after the war ended's times, he can't help but feel lonely.

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