589 The Demon Protection!!

The idea marry someone like Lao Min Na make his skin crawled, it feel more disgusting than having a cockroach under your skin, Zhao Li Xin holds his urged to vomit, never in his life he feel so much repulsion to a woman, even the women that make him angry before cannot hold the candle for Lao Min Na, at least for one thing she does exceed every woman that she knows that was in a term to make him feel disgusted.

Lao Min Na is throw out of the front gate, but unexpectedly she was unharmed, she remains stand with her arms crossed in front of her chest, a dark miasma appear, it circles around her like black smoke then slowly penetrated to the ground, Lao Min Na lowers her hands and gritted her teeth "You…..you hit me" she glare at Zhao Li Xin furiously.

"And I'm going to hit you again" Zhao Li Xin eyes filled with blood lust, he wants to kill Lao Min Na so badly he barely can't contain his wrath.

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