591 Something We Can’t Change

The sudden bright light has shocked everyone in Yun Dao city especially everyone at Snaguan manor because the place is the closest to the light source, Sanguan family and their subordinated march to the front gate to see what happened, their movement was pause by the sudden purple bright light, only after the light is gone they y finally snapped back and run to the gate. In front of the gate, Sanguan Wu Ci's step stops abruptly.

In front of him, Long Ming carries his unconscious wife carefully as he looks down with grief while Long Ming companion surrounded him with worry face and their attention fixed on the unconscious lady, none of them care about the sanguan family presence.

"She unconscious again, what should we do?" Ming Yue Ying helplessly said she is struggling to swallow her cry.

"She'll be alright, she always does," Jin Hao said although he is not confident with his own words, but he convinces himself that Lory would prevail, she should be alright?

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