The Princess's Dangerous Vampire Mate Book

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The Princess's Dangerous Vampire Mate


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"You are not human, like us, are you?" The words left my mouth in whispers as my eyes glanced around eyeing the destruction caused by the two men. Two men who had effectively taken out Twenty guards. All heavily armed and trained. But now, not even one old get up. "What gave that away?" My companion, who I had feelings for, mocked. "Perhaps the strength we displayed caused her to see reality," in the blink of an eye, he was in front of me making me stumble back in fear. "Is that not true, Princess?" I looked to the man who was silent and ever watchful. "Why? Why were you not true?" I loved him, only him I let myself feel for. He glanced around and spotted Diwal, my trusted advisor. "No one is true in nature here," he pointed to my advisor, "Not even him." Unwanted tears came to my eyes as I glanced around me. I could die tonight and it would all be in their hands. "Don't worry, your highness, it's just the time for it to come to light." My advisor smiled and so did the other two men. •••• A gentle yet cold bastard prince. The bulky, muscular King to be. And a Princess. ~ slow burn ~


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