1 New life

Death, death is an interesting thing. No one really knows what's after death, well let me tell you my story of how I died and became the prince of darkness.

I woke up suddenly as I had a weird dream but I couldn't remember what exactly I was dreaming about.

I looked at my desk holy crap I didn't do my homework. I smack myself on my on my forehead as I was also going to miss the bus.

I got up from my desk and ran to the bathroom but not before tripping on my chair. I took my toothbrush out of the cob rinsed it and put on it toothpaste. I looked in the mirror and saw a 16-year-old boy with black hair and brown eyes. I have light tan skin and I was pretty tall, too.

After I quickly brushed my teeth, I glanced at my calendar. I have a Tournament today, great. I am what you call a "prodigy". I've mastered all martial arts in history and am good with all weapons. I am even creating my own fighting style.

As I run I realize that getting to the bus was futile but luckily I knew a shortcut that will let me arrive to school at the same time is the bus. The only problem is it required me to go to Mr. Rogers' yard. Mr. Rogers is a big man with huge muscles, the problem is that he owns a shotgun and he will use it. Once he blew a kids head right off. It was tragic and after that, he chopped up the little kid into pieces to hide the evidence so no one knew what he did. Well, except me because I was hiding under his truck. I walked up to the fence. I sighed before jumping it. I didn't check if he was there and almost got my head blown off the moment I jumped. "Holy crap!" I ran as fast as I could all the way to the other end of the yard. I flipped him the finger before jumping. The rest of the day I went normally until recess. I was called over to the principal office and I know why. My principal is a pretty cool guy. He make jokes and general fun when he's in class but there's one thing he hates more than anything in the world and that is people missing homework, and I missed a lot. The consequence was after school detention. I had a tournament today which meant after school was really bad. As I walked into Mr. Fitz's office, thought of excuses to get out of after school. I opened the door and saw a man with sharp blue eyes and white hair. "Hey Mr. Fitz," I said. "Andrew please sit down," he said. I did as he told me too. He asked, "Do you know while you're here?" "I didn't do my homework," I said nervously. "Yes! I and now you'll pay the consequences," I thought that was a little dramatic, "but I'll make an exception just this once. I know you have no family and I understand that's hard for you so I'll let you off the hook for now remember to do your homework." As I walked out the door I rolled my eyes. My parents left me at a young age and so for a while I lived with my adopted parents, but they disappeared. I lived on my own from then and so I had to hone my instincts and skills to the highest degree. For most of my food from hunting and gathering the rest I pay for them. I get my money from my job as a cashier for tops and my tournaments. The rest of the day went as usual. I went to my tournament after school, and won. As I went home I noticed someone was following me on my way home. Since he kept his distance from me, I went into an ally to confront him, little did I know, I was about to die.                                                                                                  I walked a couple steps in and turn around, "Hey, why are you stalking me you creep?" I said. "You have been chosen," he replied in a strange accent. I thought clearly the man was doing drugs, or he probably had some kind of mental problem. Suddenly he ran up to me with a weird shaped dagger. I tried to dodge then grab it but he was too fast. Too fast to be human. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get a hold of him much less his knife, so instead I faked doing that and to prepared for punch. I punched him as hard as I could. I felt as if I punched the hardest material on earth. I pulled my arm back in pain, then he lifted his arm which was all black and thrusted it to through my chest. I fell to the ground. He went over and held my hand, "You are the new Prince of Darkness," Then everything went black. The suddenly I felt someone pulling me out of something. They looked so big. Then I looked at my hands, they were tiny. I was a baby. I thought back at what happened. I remembered I was stabbed and what that man said. I was reincarnated.y I am then I heard the doctor chant something under her breath then I saw a light surrounding me. I felt so good I started crying. Then I heard them say stop it, look at his arm my arm was black like the guy who had killed me. Then I also noticed I had a hole in my chest.