1 Chapter 1 - The Prince

"Tell everyone that I will have a Christmas Ball this time with the addition that the women who dance gracefully with me, I will make her be my wife," Prince Theodoric ordered to the male servant who recorded his Prince's message on a canvas in ink.

"Is there anything else, Your Majesty?" asked the servant.

"I do not care where she comes from and what position she is in. If she catches my eye and heart, then I will marry her."

"It is done!" Theodoric insisted.

"Then I will excuse myself."

Theodoric looked at his departed servant and he looked around the balcony of his room. He stopped there and gazed at the entirety of his majestic Palace.

Had it not been for the wishes of his father, King Thomas, perhaps Theodoric would not have married or been struggling to find a wife.

His sister, Annabelle, is a Princess and is now married. She has become the Princess of the Palace of her husband, who is Prince also.

Soon, Theodoric knew, if he managed to find a woman who captivated his heart, he would take Thomas' position, which was to become King. But that applies if Thomas dies.

"Your Majesty, we have spread the news and the ladies are very enthusiastic about your terms," ​​said the male servant.

Theodoric nodded. "Thank you, Zehron. You may go."

"Sorry Your Majesty, but dinner is ready."

He just nodded and cleared his throat. Then Zehron left and Theodoric got ready.

Theodoric descended with gallant steps and sat down beside Thomas. The waiters were busy pouring food and drinks on their plates and glasses. The atmosphere became a little more sinister than usual.

The Queen, Amelissa, looked at her son with a smile. Only his mother had a warm gaze for Theodoric.

"Do not let the day after tomorrow you disappoint me, Theo," said Thomas openly.

"I am sorry father, we should have dinner first and then talk," Theodoric replied politely.

"If I talk to you, do not you try to fight me!"

Theodoric gave the look to Thomas with the flat face he always gave his father. "Did not the King always teach etiquette when it comes to eating? Not talking when eating?"

Thomas's wrinkled hand was gently touched by his wife. Amelissa just shook her head with a smile and Thomas couldn't say anything.

Seeing how his mother gave his father such a warm gaze, made Theodoric think, will my wife be like my mother in the future?

"She must be from a high aristocracy or duke. At least on the same level as us. Otherwise, I won't give my blessing to you!" Thomas insisted after they finished dinner.

"Did not you make an exception for me, that I would be free to choose whoever and wherever she came from, father?"

Thomas looked at Theodoric with fury. Because Theodoric was a stubborn man like Thomas. It seems to have been hereditary. Whatever he wants, it must be done.

"Do not you want to make me happy, Theo? If you choose women who are not as classy as us, you will be disgracing my name and especially this Palace!"

"Father, I have been following you to this party in search of a wife. So, let me ... no, I mean, I'll still make an exception for me."


Only one more day left, Theodoric will meet various women from all walks of life, who will be present at the Christmas Ball event.

His heart pounded and imagined some of the women he had chosen to dance with. Then after that, there will be a determination of who will eventually become his wife.

In his entire life, Theodoric had never encountered a woman who had completely broken his heart.

Most of the women he was with were harems, which he always used to satisfy his lust. For the rest, there is no love. Even Theodoric didn't know what love was.

"Your Majesty, a woman has come to meet you," Zehron came in informing him.

"Who is she?"

"Princess Barbara. She said she wanted to talk about the Christmas Ball with Your Majesty."

Theodoric exhaled. Barbara is one such classy woman. A beautiful Princess who doesn't tire of chasing Theodoric, but unfortunately he's not interested in her.

Out of respect for someone, Theodoric went to see her. He told Zehron to go, so he immediately prepared to meet Barbara.

Barbara crouched down when she saw Theodoric appear. Her pink lips smiled gracefully at the Prince.

"Theodoric, I heard you held the Christmas Ball on the addition that you find a woman to marry?" Barbara asked informally.

"I thought you'd hear it, Barbara. Are you coming?"

Barbara chuckled. She covered her mouth with her hand which was wearing a white glove. "Of course, I will. I hope you will choose me."

"There are many women who have the same expectations. But I also hope that you do not get your hopes up," Theodoric explained.

"Oh, Your Majesty … you know I have liked you for a long time. How can I not have hope in Your Majesty?"

Seeing how Barbara's smile was seductive, made Theodoric's lust rise. He had indeed had sex with Barbara several times. It wasn't he who invited her, but Barbara herself who invited him unconditionally.

"I know you want me, Your Majesty. Shall we head to your majestic chambers?" Barbara teased him.

"Do not tease me, Barbara."

"Please ... before the Christmas Ball starts, I will satisfy you."

This time Theodoric refused. Gently, he kissed Barbara's hand. "I am sorry, Barbara ... this time I rejected you for a reason, I want to be holy for my future wife."

Barbara's face looked annoyed. Her attempts to seduce Theodoric did not go well. She finally sighed. Because like it or not, she must appreciate it.

"All right, Theo. If you need me, you can climb up my Palace as you did in the past nights."

"By the way, is this all you want to talk to me about?" asked Theodoric, feeling bored.

"I want to ask, what kind of woman criteria would the Prince have?"

Theodoric just smiled meaningfully. "I do not know, Barbara. Because I am going to marry someone who makes my heart race and bears a resemblance to my mother."

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