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What is The prince dream wife

Read ‘The prince dream wife’ Online for Free, written by the author Deo_Montefalco, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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God-defying God of Killing / God-defying Army Wife

This is the first time in the world that Xuanyuan Ying is a supreme assassin, and he has crossed over, but he didn't pay attention to the fact that he became someone else's wife. Well, let's just get married. you will still be my silent little bunny, but, the more you want to quiet, then there is no way to be calm, a variety of chaotic things are looking for him, intolerable, no need to endure, Xuanyuan Ying anger, the former waste material overnight emit ten thousand lights, arrogant and uninhibited, magnificent and outstanding! "Boss, it's not good, sister-in-law bombed the high school gym." "Huh? Tell Gao Feng to donate money to the college to build a bigger one." "Boss, Sister-in-law even beat up a student in class 3A." "Tell Yu Feng to check it out." "Boss, Sister-in-law is about to go to class 3A to look for trouble." "Then why don't you go and follow him?" Ye Tian Xie's expression finally changed a bit, the Yu Lan who reported to him released a slight sigh of relief, fortunately, the boss is still a bit sensible and knows that he has to go and stop his sister-in-law, but "If Ying loses a single hair, I'll bring my hair back to him" " Bang!" Mikan declared his death in battle, hell have you ever spoiled your wife like this? Keywords: against the sky to kill the god, Yan Ruoyuan elegant, Ye Tianxie, Xuan Yuan Ying, cool text, strong spoiled Some of the career levels in this article Cultivation Levels: Foundation Building Stage - Qi Nurturing Stage - Golden Elixir Stage - Nascent soul Stage - Spirit Opening Stage - Mahayana Stage - Demigod Venerable - Ascension (each level is divided into ten smaller stages) Beast level: Demon Beast - Spirit Beast - Sacred Beast - Divine Beast (three small stages before, during and after each level) Treasure Ranks: Magic Weapon - Treasure Weapon - Spiritual Weapon - Immortal Weapon - Divine Weapon - Super Divine Weapon (each magic weapon is divided into three upper, middle and lower stages) Alchemist Rank: Apprentice Alchemist - Alchemist - Alchemist Master - Alchemist Patriarch - Alchemist Divine Master - Alchemist Venerable (Apprentice Alchemists can only refine magic weapons at most, those who can refine Treasure Weapons are Alchemists, those who can refine Spiritual Weapons are Alchemist Masters, those who can refine Immortal Weapons are Alchemist Patriarchs, those who can refine Divine Weapons are Alchemist Divine Masters, and only Alchemist Venerable can refine Super Divine Weapons.) Alchemist grade: generally one to nine grades, the grade will also be raised after ascension (each grade is divided into high, medium and low grades, the elixir and the spirit plant for refining the elixir are the same as the alchemist's grade.) Crystal grade: lower grade crystal, middle grade crystal, upper grade crystal, extreme grade crystal, holy crystal. For the time being, this is how it is, and there should be additions in the future, so you can read it so that you don't understand some of the rank settings in the text, and thank you for your support of the military wife!

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Bound by Contract, Freed by Love

**Title:** *Bound by Contract, Freed by Love* **Synopsis:** Sofia's life takes an unexpected turn when she relocates to the bustling city of Veridian, eager to make her mark in the world of journalism. Fresh out of college, she finds herself navigating unfamiliar streets and searching for a job. Little does she know that fate has a unique plan in store. One sunny afternoon, Sofia is working on her laptop in a quaint coffee shop when a sharply dressed man named Victor interrupts her. Their chance meeting leads to an unexpected friendship, as they bond over their shared dreams, aspirations, and love for storytelling. However, as their lives become increasingly complicated, Victor, an heir to a vast conglomerate, seeks Sofia's help in an unconventional way. He proposes a contract marriage, a union of convenience to appease his family's wishes and further Sofia's career by allowing her to report on the inner workings of a prominent family like his. With their marriage based on mutual benefit rather than love, Sofia and Victor embark on a journey that challenges their understanding of commitment, trust, and the true meaning of love. Their story explores the complexities of relationships, the transformative power of genuine connection, and the unexpected places where love can bloom. As they navigate the intricacies of their contract marriage, Sofia and Victor discover that sometimes, what begins as a mere agreement can lead to the most profound and unexpected love of all. Will their hearts eventually find their way to each other, or will the confines of their contract keep them apart? *Bound by Contract, Freed by Love* is a story of unconventional romance, personal growth, and the possibility of love where it's least expected. Follow Sofia and Victor's journey as they navigate the intricate web of emotions and obligations, and discover whether a contract can ever truly bind the heart.

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Finding my soul

finding my soul love stricken prologue... Glen Angie is a 18 year old female with long lashes, pink soft lips and adorable body shape. She's a human with a very good an respected behavior. Her families and friend cherished her so much and even her late parents.... She attends a school only for elites through scholarship and made up her mind that by all means she must achieve her goal in life. Becoming a very successful Neurosurgeon.... but still she wanted to know what love is. Jim Jarvis, a very cute popular teenage and handsome punk... He's a werewolf not in search of his mate cos he doesn't care and he's a gay! he is all girls desire in school... but unknown to them he is a gay. Both Angie and Jarvis are on different path, Angie is very crazy and funny. She troubles Jarvis a lot and then finds out he's a gay but that made her trouble him the more. Angie is desperately in search of her soulmate... while Jarvis doesn't give a damn about his mate. But things went out as unexpected... Angie got informed about a fortune teller and went to meet him to seek if she could get anything about her soulmate. The way it went was how she never imagined.... All went and prove that the highschool punk Jim Jarvis, An alpha gay is Angie soulmate and Now that she knows she has to make him fall in love with her "Forget about the prince charming!" Jarvis said in a husky tone “Go for the Wolf, he can see you better. ......and eat you better!” he said with a sexy smile.

Dera_Brown · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
14 Chs


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